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  1. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    CAS timing problem won't start

    Hey guys so I have a problem with my timing and Crank angle sensor i've been trying to diagnose for the last week and its really got me stumped now. Just done the head gasket on my car put it all back together and no start yes cas put in correct and at tdc. timing chain installed correctly. car...
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    radiator fan thermal switch?

    Hey guys im wondering how do you change the temp for when the radiator fans come on
  3. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    new manifold installation

    Hey guys i've just bought a new intake mani by that i mean it bolts onto the runners not the full manifold that bolts to the head. And i was just wondering if theres anything i need to know when installing it. precautions etc. will i need to change the gasket there because i don't have another one.
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Cooling system flush

    Hey guys just wanted to know a few things. First off whats the best coolant to use I've heard different coolant for the temperature its coming up summer here so will be 25-32 degrees. Some people saying red's better than green and what not and also what ratios 50-50 or 75% water 25% coolant. And...
  5. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    cam upgrade?

    been seeing a few s15's with aftermarket cams and its pretty impressive how much more power they give. Just wondering what are some of the best cams to get and what prices? thinking about saving up for some. Everyone loves a lumpy idle
  6. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    knock sound just started..

    not too sure what it is but it only just started and it sounds like its coming from the bottom end area. Stuff just keeps on coming..
  7. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    power fc or link g4?

    Just wondering what's better too say the least i love the power fc because of the controller but is a link g4 better not sure if i should upgrade or just leave it
  8. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    95 degrees water temp stuffed thermostat?

    im pretty certain thermostat's stuffed just want to be sure and what new one should i get?
  9. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    GOPRO footage S15

    got a gopro done a bit of testing with it check out the vid href="">
  10. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    questions questions help please

    Ok guys a few things im wanting to know some confusing things with my car. First of all on stone cold start up not all the time but sometimes my fan will come on? very weird not sure why. Second when im low on fuel and my fuel light comes on and i turn a corner i will have no power its like the...
  11. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    best roof spoiler?

    Hey guys i want a roof spoiler but not sure what the best looking one out there is and where to get it from please if you could give me some info and pics :)
  12. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Oil filter relocation and cooler?

    Hey guys im thinking about upgrading and getting an oil cooler. Are they worth it are they simple to do? are there huge benifits to it or not really worth it? I can figure one huge benefit will be changing the filter when coming to oil changes because its in a prick of a place to change on an...
  13. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    engine knock? engine light?

    Hey guys so i've recently noticed my engine light coming on under high boost its not always on only when it gets to peak boost of whatever setting its on. I have 4 different boost settings lowest being 14psi highest 20psi. I've got to say this worries me I don't really have any idea why it's...
  14. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    1.4 bar too much?

    Ok so I just figured out how to use my electronic boost controller on my new s15. And it has 4 different boost settings the highest setting being 1.4 bar which by guessing is about 17psi? it has fully stock internals just wondering is this too much is something gonna go bang. I very rarely have...
  15. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    anyone good with apexi power fc?

    I've got a apexi power fc in my new car best thing i've ever had haha. love playing with the rev limiter anyone know a bit about them? got a few questions
  16. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Jared's new S15

    Hey all i'm back with another S15 love this one its such a beast took a while to find the right one but im happy now. Heres a few pics will get more and i'll update everything as I go with a full list of specs. vertex body kit ENGINE BAY: HkS Exhaust manifold Garrett 2876R Turbo DSR 50mm...
  17. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    best exhaust for s15?

    Hey guys I need to know what some of the best exhaust and mufflers are going by loudness and great sound. want one real loud haha
  18. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Selling up and moving on

    Hey guys so I've had my absolutely wonderful but +T S15 up for sale for a while now I've got a buyer now for 17g.. pretty dam impressive considering its a +t and I bought it for 14g. So hopefully the sale goes through then I'm onto the...
  19. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    why my car only backfires at certain times?

    Just wondering why my car backfires at different times let's say one day it will backfire and spit flames every gear change well only when im on max boost for a few seconds then change gear bang. Then some other days it just doesn't do it at all? is it the weather, is it the heat of my engine?