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    Main relay wont close but car starts when held closed.

    Having trouble with no spark in my s15 so car wont start. Iv narrowed it down too the brown relay behind my ecu not closing.If i hold it closed by hand it will start but other than that it wont.I tried two other ecus also but no use.there is 24v on one pin on either side of the relay with the...
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    Can u swap s15 ecus between cars?

    My car wont spark and suspecting its a ecu problem..can i swap it for another? I mailed a person selling one and he said its a jap ecu unlike european ones which have nats? What does he mean by that:confused::rolleyes:
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    S15 no power at coilpack plug?

    My s15 will not spark and have been trying too sort it the last few weeks..i removed my aftermarket immobiliser which i though was the problem (k9 alarm) stil no spark.Engine is getting fuel,engine turns over no problem,but when i check my plug which plugs into the coilpack i am reading 0v with...
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    S15 not starting&rubbed arch loom

    My s15 would not start the past few days but I had convinced myself it was my immobiliser I don't know why..Anyways just now I checked my loom running overhead my front wheel and it has been rubbed and a blue/red single wire exposed (wire isn't broken but no insulation in one area.would this be...
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    S15 cutting out and fault code 43 TPS

    My s15 sometimes when driving and coming too a stop will cut out..happens also if you rev the car hard and let off it will sometimes cut out or very nearly..did a fault code check and got code 43 TPS ? My tps has two connections on it but only seems too be one plug on the loom? Any help
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    Anyone have a guide to changing the vvt sprocket?

    Just looking to see if anyone can give me a guise to changing the vvt sprocket?Doesnt look like a big or difficult job just is there anything I should look out for.?thanks
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    What colour too paint my s15?

    Looking for a few suggestions getting s15 shell fully resprayed so thinking of goin with a non oem colour? any recommendations :D
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    WTB: 9k euro too spend on a s15

    hi im from Ireland and looking too but an s15 have 9000 euro to spend so let me know what you have thanks:)