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    S15 'Ferrai' Edition Thought I will share this since it's the first time I saw real pics of this S15 edition. Looks better on the online catalog.The rear seats are...
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    R34GTT brake replacement

    I'm thinking of replacing the current one with a full one from a R34GTT, both front and back. Are there any comments? What are the exact parts I need? (Just to make sure I don't miss out any). What do you think is a good price for it? (I can do the conversion..)
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    Lightest brake rotors and calipers?

    I'm looking to upgrade these in the future. I'm not really chasing a lot more braking power, but more to reduce unsprung weight. Any recommendations? I know the R34GTT system is alot lighter than the stock s15. Anyone knows how heavy the rotors are? Anybody has any idea on project mu rotors too?
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    HELP: Stock S15 running EXTREMELY lean

    HELP: Stock S15 running EXTREMELY *Rich Ran my STOCK JDM AUTO S15 SR20DET on a dyno today. Fuel ratio was 10:1. At this stage, I believe there should be heaps of black smoke coming out. But there wasn't. AFM was good. O2 sensor was good. Spark plugs was good. Timing was good. There wasn't any...
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    Aircon at feet on at all times??

    This is on a JDM S15. So, I turned the aircon to 32degrees and heat all around at max fan once. Wasn't long, like 10mins or so. Then today, I noticed hot air blowing at my feet. Not exactly blowing, but my feet was burning. I thought the engine heat is coming through or something. However, I...
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    Turbo difference between auto and manual

    Hey, I think I got directed to this forum before on the differences between the S15 JDM turbos. Is there a trim or housing difference between the auto and manual s15 JDM turbos? Then what is the resultant effect? Apparently, the auto jdm turbo cost about AUD500 more than the manual jdm...
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    Who else is annoyed by the passenger car mat slipping.

    I'm interested in buying a 3M car mat for both sides to fix the problem. Who else is as fussy as me!?
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    S15 Blank key?

    So, my s15 only came with an ugly nissan key. I'm guessing it's a spare. So, I started looking for nismo blank keys. Unfortunately, those for s15/r34 are no longer in production, and I can't find any for sale. What's left are those 8 points ones suited for the other nissans, from s13-s14...