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  1. subzero

    How To: Removing Scuttle panel & Window wipers for painting

    This is why i love forums .... such a handy thread. I think ive a leak getting into the car somewhere underneath the wipers . A relay for what i believe is for the ecu goes mad on rainy days . Hoping its a blocked drain or something .
  2. subzero

    introducing myself

    Fine looking s15. Rare enough about the place now.
  3. subzero

    introducing myself

    Welcome . Fire up a pic of the car sure if you get a chance. Loads of great info here.
  4. subzero

    My daily pearl white

    The stereo replacement is class. I did something for a college project to add fingerprint kill switches and temp/pressure gauge read outs. raspberry pi's are handy little computers. S15 looks' great btw.
  5. subzero

    S15 JDM build

    sounds good man. sure fire up a pic of the car when you get a chance.
  6. subzero

    Driver side + passenger side power door lock issue

    did you sort this ? My passenger door lock likes to do nothing as well. i can manually open it by hand but rarely likes to open /close on the key fob & when manually opening the drivers door. sort of like what your experiencing.
  7. subzero

    New Member- Yellow S15 Spec R in Japan

    verrry nice. c-west kit and all
  8. subzero

    New Member- Yellow S15 Spec R in Japan

    any pics, yellow is a great colour on an s15.
  9. subzero

    WTB: S15 std steering wheel (may take an s14 one also)

    Hi All, Any s15 steering wheels around with airbag if possible.
  10. subzero

    Thoughts on Air ride / Air bag suspension on silvias ?

    Ive always liked the idea of it for everyday/weekend road use (ie not track obviously) but wondered if the performance is actually there. I dont really need rock hard suspension for the road but at the same time dont want super soft bouncy suspension either. My suspension is getting near the...
  11. subzero

    Need pics of gear lever assembley and pics down into the gearbox.

    its been a niggly problem ive had with my car for years, time to try fix it. im gonna remove the short shifter and just put back in a standard shifter. i have a shifter and i think ive a circlip there too . just want to see how the lever is held down in the box . really appreciate any help...
  12. subzero

    Fitting Apexi ECV, advice.

    just wondering has any one fitted an apexi exhaust control valve , and where they ran the cable into the cabin . been looking and dont want to drill through the body of the car, in through the gear lever area ?
  13. subzero

    WTB: WTD: S15 turbo injectors

    wanted for my 180 ... any one got a good set ?? will need to be shipped to ireland too.
  14. subzero

    Software for using the Diagnostic Port ??

    any help here appreciated, i know you could go to a specialist etc, but what do i need to do it at home . serial cable to link to pc and software ?? is the software downloadable anywhere or can be bought .
  15. subzero

    Definitive Offset for Max dish for a std s15 (with rolled arches)

    looking at wheels after wheels and im mad to get some super dishu. have coilovers . would like to know is there a definitve offset , say for ssr profs / work meisters. in 17s and 18s that will squeeze the most dish out of an s15 with no wide arches put on.
  16. subzero

    whats this plug behind the ECU ??

    got that ticking noise back today again , hasnt occured in a few weeks .... its comming from this ....the brown one , thats disconnected .
  17. subzero

    Power FC ecu buzzing ?? when ign off ?? relay ? Help need urgently .

    Arrived to work today, car driving away fine etc ... turned off car went into work , came out bout 2 hours later, hear this crazy buzzing from the ECU ... a relay maybe ?/ buzzing only happens when the ign is off, car starts and runs fine ?? disconnected the battery so not to blow the...
  18. subzero

    S15 insurance ireland - who are you with ??

    have a right pain getting quotes... hate renual time as its the same ****e every year ... how they get away with saying sorry we dont cover that car really anoys me . getti8ng scarly close to 30 with a full NCB and 2 points , and driving the same car the past 3 years it just wrecks my head...
  19. subzero

    speedhunters wants some S-bodys.

    my AE86 made the Ae86 photo compelation recently , now there doing 15s ... *** *** Happy New Year everybody! It's New Year's Day and we are already kicking off what should be another awesome year on...
  20. subzero

    Forza 3

    any 1 online ?? savage game but im a crap drifter :o clutch kicking is an awesome touch tho . online im - subzero182jg