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  1. Miss S15

    Anyone able to name these wheels?

    Looking for another set of wheels for buddies s15, decided on 3 sets just from pictures but know the names maybe someone here might know them or know of somewhere I could find out?
  2. Miss S15

    Front left Valance Needed.

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you would know where I would get a front left valance and the whole front structural parts for an s15,Would be great if I could get them in Ireland but if I need to go to the Uk for it I dont mind. Or if any of the irish members know of any silvia been broken...
  3. Miss S15

    WTB: Wanted: Whole front of car.

    Hi All, Been awhile since I was on,Looking for some parts if anyone is breaking an s15 or has some of these bits lying around. Friend had a bit of a crash too much boost and well meet the back of another car! 1.Crash bar...chasis isnt bent 2.Radiator and everything that goes with that,bolts...
  4. Miss S15

    Stolen s15 please look :(

    I need everyone to be on the look out for this one of my friend's in waterford woke up this morning to find he's s15 gone if anyone see this car please contact the number on the poster below thanks.On the off change some Irish members might see it
  5. Miss S15

    Opinions wanted-Hellaflush an s15

    Just wondering what everyone's take would be on this hellaflushing an s15? Something a mate is thinking of doing with his 15
  6. Miss S15

    Open Event: Cruisearound Drift/Diffin Day in aid of I.A.A Sunday 7th of March 2010

    Cruisearound are please to announce that we have organised this charity day for Irish Autism Action This event will take place in Goldstone Drift Track,Castlecomer,CoKillkenny all the details can be seen in the above poster. If anyone wants to enter their car into the show and shine...
  7. Miss S15

    FS: s15 parts for sale

    This was the s15 before it was crashed: Everything is there except shell,engine and diff
  8. Miss S15

    My new addition what ye think?

    When it was 2 hours old... 2 days old
  9. Miss S15

    Im back again.

    Havent logged in for a long time but I'm back missed ye and I got a new addition lol Still have the passion for s15's! Sites looking savage now well done to all involved. :)
  10. Miss S15

    Open Event: Any Irish Heads heading to Japfest/Custom and Performance Shows

    Japfest Custom and Performance Heading to both myself!
  11. Miss S15

    Anyone from Letchworth area?

    So any members here from the letchworth area? Im heading over to my Aunt's for a weeks holidays tonight,be nice to see a 15 on hols lol :)
  12. Miss S15

    PJ-s15 pearlesentspec r (pic heavy)

    Here's the pics as promised Pj!
  13. Miss S15

    Some bargin for a spec s s15

    Defo a miss print even if the price is right I'd be tempted lol
  14. Miss S15

    s15 wanted in ireland

    Right I just said id pop this up and I know I might be pushing my luck. Myself and friend James are looking for an s15 for around 4 to 5g I know this is feck all but it will be a project between us and at the min this is all we can come up with. An s15 considered. Shoudl be a spec r. So if...
  15. Miss S15

    WTB: Wanted orginal s15 steering wheel

    Ok just poping this up for a friend if anyone has one of these lying around and in good condition please let me know. Somewhere in Ireland thanks
  16. Miss S15

    Open Event: s15oc stand at heatwave show?

    Has anyone thought of this? I'd be more than happy to help out? Think it would be good for irish members :)
  17. Miss S15

    Irish memebers charity diffing day

    Would any of the Irish members on here be interested in this? I'm hoping to have this within the next month on private property and for charity. Hopefully be doing it for the Solas centre in Dublin,which looks after kids with Autism. All are welcome to this,if ye have an idea's please let me...
  18. Miss S15

    My S15

    Well folks,I got this yesterday :) 02 spec r s15 Peralesent white with place graphics(which Im thinking of removing) 18'' bronze wroks alloys i thinkmhave to take a closer look :) Upgraded brakes Lowered 40mm Kitted,what kit I'm not sure Rear carbon Fibre spolier 4'' exhaust Interor: 2...
  19. Miss S15

    Any irish members avialable on the 26th?

    Anyone heading to this pro drift event on the 26th? Me and a few friends are heading and are having a stand at it,already have 5 s15's going with me if any of ye Irish members want to tag along let me know!
  20. Miss S15

    S15 diff pair up with a 180sx diff?

    Just wondering if any of ye would know of an s15's diff would pair up with a 180's diff?