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  1. Lil SpecR

    Caliper rebuild kits?

    Where can I grab one from? Need one front ... :)
  2. Lil SpecR

    GruppeM Airbox or?

    Looking at intakes, came across the GruppeM, is it worth paying for this or is the Apexi intake (or other??) Just as good an option? Am I just paying for carbon fibre prettiness? lol...
  3. Lil SpecR

    Intercooler that doesnt require butchering the aero bumper?

    Intercooler that doesnt require butchering the aero bumper? Does such a thing exist? Thanks!!
  4. Lil SpecR


    I know everyone raves about Horsham BUT is there any where midlands or North anyone can recommend? I commute 180 miles a day going South and tbh the thought of having to make that journey THEN some toward London puts shivers down my spine haha, going North makes me smile :love: Obviously if...
  5. Lil SpecR

    Manifold cracked inside ...

    As above, is this a good enough excuse to replace? ;) Also looks like it's had some re work (welding) done at some point too anyway between exits 3 and 4...
  6. Lil SpecR

    White with ducktail m6 yesterday...

    As above on m6 yesterday crawing along up to j7/8 thanks to another crash -_- Think reg ended in NER? Couldnt quite see you were on lane 1 and i was in 4 and people kept getting in my way haha. Stickers on back window... hello anyway if you're here!
  7. Lil SpecR

    Small shopping list ... where to go?

    Hi all I have a small shopping list of parts, where is the best place or brands to go for? I've tried japspeed but they're struggling to understand my requirements lol :) Downpipe Turbo elbow Sports cat Performance panel filter Manifold braided lines/turbo/water/oil Manifold/turbo gasket...
  8. Lil SpecR

    Exhaust gasket blown - change manifold? ... ?

    Hi all! Blew my exhaust manifold this weekend! First time I have had to fix something on this car, looks like the manifold will be all coming off, made a start last night... So the question is, whilst the manifold is off - do I replace that as well? Car is currently stock - BUT, she was bought...
  9. Lil SpecR

    FS: Recaro dc2 seats in red. Pair with rails.

    **deposit received** Heads up that these seats as fitted in my car are now up for sale. Photos below... Red, good condition (sold to me with one cigarette burn in a discrete area and a small Nick on the back of the other seat) with rails included to bolt directly into your S15! Pick up from...
  10. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Standard passenger seat and rail.

    Must be excellent condition with standard non mutilated rail. Ideally fairly local to stoke on trent :)
  11. Lil SpecR

    My S15 birthday cake lol

    My birthday yesterday and I was 30, im also too tight to buy a cake from a proper cake maker (I'd rather spend the amount on a tank of fuel hehe) so I made this cake lol, bit Tokyo Drift inspired lmao ;)
  12. Lil SpecR

    Uh oh she wont start!!

    Went to start my 15 today and shes turning over but not firing. Used her Wednesday and she was fine ... any ideas?! :-o
  13. Lil SpecR

    Seats ... any advice?

    Hello! I've put some dc2 recaros in my 15 and I love them but I'm not 100% happy with them. I think the previous seat had an extra low rail or something because I can't get the dc2 seats to Flip forward fully unless they're all the way back, and they seem quite tight against the door cards too...
  14. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Rear drivers side seatbelt asap :)

    Accidentally pulled too hard installing baby seat and think ive buggered the spring as seatbelt now wont retract. So looking for replacement asap as i cant take both my little uns out in her now :'( Thank you!!
  15. Lil SpecR

    Japfest Rock Photos!

    Here is a selection of some of the S15s I saw at Japfest Rock on Sunday! At the bottom are the links to the albums on facebook so you can see lots of other cars if you fancy it :) One of the tidiest Variettas I have seen (not that I have seen many lmao!), but I really liked it :) Was...
  16. Lil SpecR

    Instrument cluster illumination query?? Photo request??

    Hi all! When I picked up my S15 half her dials weren't lit up (most of the speedo was dead, half the rev counter, and I couldnt see fuel or engine temp, nor could I read the odo or clock at night!) So I went and purchased replacement t5 bulbs, I put them in last night, and they all light up, BUT...
  17. Lil SpecR

    Finally had the weather for a few nice shots of my Yuki <3

    Well this weekend we finally had some nice weather, so after a couple of meets I went and found one of my fav spots for a quick shoot with her whilst she was still shiny and sparkly and the weather was still sunny haha :)
  18. Lil SpecR

    JapFest - The S15 photos!

    Some of the S15s I saw yesterday! Apologies if I didnt get yours, the show was massive and I am sure I missed loads, I also didn't get a chance to get the 3 on the stand in front of ours either (sorry if you're on here lol!) First off - our stand! And the others... V8 :-o...
  19. Lil SpecR

    FS: Rays centre caps brand new

    Ordered 8 by mistake (didn't realise they were pairs lol) Offering here first in case they're useful to anyone, else I'll return then Friday If no interest. I paid £30 plus postage so asking £30 all in as they are brand new and it's what I'll get if I send em back :) Sent from my D6603 using...
  20. Lil SpecR

    Open Event: JapFest 2.... Is there a club stand?

    As the title says - are we as a club organising a stand for JapFest 2? Notice its moved location, used to be at Donny but I would like to go anyway, if there is a club stand you guys are my first choice haha :D