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    new car

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    FS: Bride s15 seatrails

    Bride s15 seatrails plus other things as above these come with adapter plates so will fit most base mountable seats they are also sliders £200 collection only also this cam cover if anyone wants a spare for painting £45 [/URL][/IMG]
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    FS: forsale s15

    car is 2002 was imported for me by torque gt all paperwork present[includingthe jap stuff] 63000 miles converted on import have cert to prove outside is aero apart from front bumper which is standard with foglights and a abflug splitter/under tray 3inch exhaust tomei stainless manifold and turbo...
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    tyres needed. ...

    Got to get some new tyres so was wondering which were the best for the 15 fast road/daily. Are the federal 595rsr any good:confused:
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    FS: Bride seat rails

    these are a pair of s15 bride seat rails that I don't need now due to change of plan. These come with base mount adaptaplates so will fit most base mount bolt is missing and could do with a lick of paint so only asking what I paid £250 collection only due to work but I will bring to...
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    evans waterless coolant

    Noob question first how much water does the 15 take to fill with the oem rad fitted :confused: Next has anyone used this stuff in a sr20 and is it worth the money [cars running 330/bhp at the moment if this makes any difference:confused:
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    WTB: center consol

    need one of these must include armrest lid and fixings if poss
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    coilpack cover bolts

    ive lost my coilpack cover bolts so can someone please tell me the correct size thread and length /type of head :thumbs:
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    oil cooler/filter relocation

    since uppjng the power would like to get one of these next to keep temps under control? question is car came with defi oil pressure and oil temp gauges so what kit comes with a sandwich plate that takes these sensors and fits the engine block :confused:
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    breather connector

    Got myself a spare cam cover to do paint job on but have found the rear breather connecton is missing. anybody got one they don't want or know where to get one also how do they fit :confused: cheers
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    Open Event: Donnington

    JAPFEST 2 Is anybody going from the owners club:wave:
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    Bride seat material

    Anybody know where to buy bride material that is genuine not china-fake s**t as a retrim is on the cards for the next job :nod: links would be helpful thanks
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    seat rails

    Can anyone please tell me which make of rail sits the lowest and is S15 direct fit cheers:confused: also links to buy would help thanks:thumbs:
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    evo8 seats

    How much work is involved and which are the best rails to get to make these seats fit/work correctly in the 15
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    Plumbing in a gizzmo

    Anyone know the safe/ easist place to plumb in the pressure pipe that comes out of the control unit on a Gizzmo ebc. Noob question maybe but i know nowt about ebc. thanks in advance :thumbs:
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    WTB: Drivers door

    As above i need a drivers door rust and dent free colour not important taxi driver used mine today as target practice:cry: PM me if you are selling one
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    Wiring help

    As anyone got pics of the best and easiest place to wire in pos and neg on a gizzmo ebc .Cause im crap with electrics and i dont want to blow anything.Thanks in advance :thumbs:
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    Non starter

    After not using the car for a week turned the key and click clickclick recurring.Think its the starter or solinoid or both Can anybody tell me if the s14 starter&sol is a straight fit thanks in advance guys:thumbs:
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    tyre pressure

    Having new tyres tomorrow would like to know what is the right pressure for 225/45/17 also 255/40/17 on a daily to give best grip and wear thanks in advance guys :)
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    walbro 255

    Can someone tell me is the inlet on oem fuel pumps inline with the inlet or is it rotated 180 degreesto the inlet THANKS IN ADVANCE :confused: