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  1. Mycool

    FS: Nissan S15 Spec R For sale

    Show Winning Nissan silvia s15 spec R. I’ve owned the car for 4 and a half Years this is a very genuine sale, I’m not someone that changes there car every week. I’ve always said il never sell it! But I just feel I want to go venture over to Japan & bring something new back with me. The car...
  2. Mycool

    Aston martin pearl white s15

    Have not posted pics etc on here for a long time now so i thought id post up a few - Hope you enjoy! I Went for a photoshoot with one of my mates last sunday as the weather was nice & I'm quite impressed with the out come! Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot 👍🏻 multi hosting...
  3. Mycool

    White s15 in Gloucester

    I see a fellow white s15 most weeks in gloucester, parked outside the rugby ground near the mermaid chip shop, Anyones on here??? Felt so surprised when i first saw it!
  4. Mycool

    ** latest fav pics of your own s15 **

    cheers mate, to be fair these pictures dont do the paint any justice. Il find out a couple of other pictures that show the paint off a little more - Cameras seem to have trouble catching the pearl haha Kinda see it abit more in these. haha Thanks anyway :)
  5. Mycool

    ** latest fav pics of your own s15 **

    Recently Had a photoshoot of my 15 :) Very happy with the pictures.
  6. Mycool

    Just found history of my s15!! :O (Picture heavy)

    Hi guys, Abit random - But i just decided to do a HPI check on my s15 & with the HPI check it also gave me the previous Registration plates it has had so i searched it up! Apparently it was owned by someone on here called 'sushiming' who is apparently the founder of this forum/ help started it...
  7. Mycool

    FS: URAS NS-01 5x114 et30

    URAS NS-01 5x114 et30 17s Just purchased some new wheels so I have my 17' uras ns01s forsale. Recently been refurbed in black - all in good condition barr one could do with a slight touch up as some of the black has flaked off (very minor) Anyway there are 2 thats 8j et30 & 2 thats 9j et30...
  8. Mycool

    Full service question

    Hi guys, i'm about to fit a new gt2560r onto my 15 but whilst at it i might aswell do a full service aswell. Can any of u guys please recommend me the best oils to use? The car is running around the 300bhp mark. Cheers :)
  9. Mycool

    My rebuilt s15

    Hi guys - I have not posted on here for quite awhile now as I have been super busy with work and with my car. I don't think a lot of you know and I was'nt really planning on telling people but as I am so happy with the end results, I might as well! - I Crashed my 15 Last October the Night...
  10. Mycool

    Redex 0 to 60 booster

    Hi all, just curious as to if any of you have tried this redex 0 to 60 booster. I only use vpower anyway, but if i was to try this aswell as having vpower in, am i likely to see any gain? Does it actually even work?? Any opinions On it? Cheers
  11. Mycool


    Hi all - basically iv came across something really odd today with my s15... My rear plate bulb had blown so i ordered some new led bulbs for it, fitted them & they still wouldnt work - so i automatically thought maybe there not working because there led, so i went out & got some normal bulbs...
  12. Mycool

    Weird squealing noise

    Hi all. For about a week now ive noticed this weird whistle, squeal whilst driving my 15 but whenever i apply any preasure to the clutch it goes. Then it comes back again when i release the clutch. Does any of you have any idea what this could posibly be? Cheers
  13. Mycool

    WTB: 6 speed short shifter???

    Hi guys, ive been looking for a 6 speed short shifter for my s15 spec r. Ive been looking for one for absolutely ages now. & have purchased 2 where i was told its suitable but once received they always seem to be for 5 speed lol. Any about? Cheers
  14. Mycool

    hid bulbs

    hey, I'm looking at purchasing a HID kit for my nissan s15. But i'm just unsure on whats best to get. I dont understand all this canbus / bi-xenon options do i need the H1 Canbus hids? or H1 non canbus. sorry i'm pretty clueless! ive tried to look it up but i cant seem to find much info...
  15. Mycool

    WTB: T28

    Looking for a t28 turbo. Best condition as pos
  16. Mycool

    Small front plate & tinted headlights?

    helloo ppl, recently ive had my headlights tinted... Obviously depending on the amount of light which they let out would be whether they are classed of legal or illegal id have thought... Now iffff i was to come across a real assy copper, could he actually issue me points for this?/ fine?/ or...
  17. Mycool

    WTB: Wanted, ogura racing clutch

    As title says
  18. Mycool

    Ogura orc racing clutch

    basically ive lost 1st & reverse on my 15.. I was told i had a excedy hyper clutch on the car, took it all apart to find out i'm actually running a ogura racing clutch (which ive been told is alot better than what i originally thought i had? Anyway... Have any of you guys had any...
  19. Mycool

    WTB: Rear light bulb holder & connector

    Hi guys. Long shot here but here goes... Im after passenger side rear light connector / bulb holder. Is there any about? Or does anyone know where i can get one? Many thanks
  20. Mycool

    FS: S15 rear lights

    Genuine rear lights forsale. Great condition.. No idea how much they go for? So £115 collected from gloucester