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    WTB: Fuel filler door flap **PEWTER GREY**, and Centre Console cover

    As above I'm looking for an S15 Fuel filler door/flap. Hinge must be perfect!! Must be pewter grey. Also looking for the lid off an S15 centre console, with the 2 legs. The plastic hinge must be perfect as my own has snapped after I leant on it while it was open...... like a tit!:mad: Cheers
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    WTB: S15 Bonnet release cable and latch mechanism

    As above I'm looking for a bonnet release cable for my S15 with the release mechanism. Or just the cable if anybody has one or knows where they can be got? Same as UK 200sx???
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    Help! Big problem with my Spec S

    So it started with a hesitation when I pressed the accelerator. Then it progressed to having a rough idle when warmed up. The idle was fine when cold but its now a bit rough when cold as well. The main problem now is that when I have the throttle just open to try and cruise along in whatever...
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    WTB: Spec S Air flow meter 22680 52F01

    As above need an AFM for a spec s. Code: 22680 52F01 Pics if you have one. Close up of code on sensor too. cheers
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    Air Flow Meter question

    Possibly a dumb question but anyway.... Are the AFMs the exact same on the spec S and spec R or are they different? Are the codes different etc.
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    Pic Request

    Looking for pictures of twin shotgun exhaust pipes on a standard rear bumper. All I can find is aftermarket rear bumpers. Like this but from a higher angle and without spats is possible: Cheers!
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    What are these lambda sensors like?

    So I've been having issues with the car running a bit rough lately and after noticing this morning that she drank a lot of petrol on a relatively short drive I've come to the conclusion that it must be the Lambda. I will of course comfirm this before I purchase a new one but can anyone tell me...
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    WTB: Spec R fuel pump

    I'm having issues with my Spec S losing power and hesitating when the accelerator is pressed and I'm fairly sure at this stage its the fuel pump, if not then it's another thing off the list of possibilities. So does anybody have a Spec R fuel pump lying around? Somebody who upgraded to a walbro...
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    Spec R front calipers on a Spec S

    Well. I considering upgrading the front calipers on my Spec S to Spec R/Kings S14 twin piston calipers. Couple of questions I have about it: As far as I'm aware they are a direct bolt on job to a Spec S. Am I right in saying that? I know the pads are completely different but the only...
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    Nistune on Spec S

    First off I haven't a clue about ECUs so i don't know if it even exists for Spec S. Did a bit of looking online and couldn't find out anything solid. So firstly is there such a thing as Nistune for a spec s NA? Is it worth doing? What power increases etc? Whst kind of money would the set up be?
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    My Spec S

    I got my friend out recently with his DSLR and finally took some proper photos of my S15. I've owned it for over 2 and a half years and I can honestly say I'm not one bit sick of it. Best car I have ever driven and i don't think I could ever replace it with anything better. Firsty a quick spec...
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    Dmax boot spoiler owners! Bit of help needed.

    Ok story is I got a Dmax boot spoiler from Japan a few weeks ago. I checked the fitment before I sent it for paint and it seemed pretty good. So I sent it off for paint and I was waiting 4 weeks for it because he was very busy. I got it back yesterday and went about checking fitment again and...
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    NA 180sx 4 branch manifold on Spec S

    I've a 4 branch manifold lined up for my Spec S. It was fitted to an NA 180sx (SR20). Before I go buying it I just want to make sure it will fit my Spec S. It has the hole for the lambda sensor in it so that's not a problem, and i presume it will line up with the engine as well? I also need to...
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    Front Lip Purchased

    Just bought this front lip off ebay: :D Fingers crossed it will fit but after having done a LOT of reading up on the DC2 lips on S15s I'm pretty confident that...
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    WTB: S15 Radio Surround and Radio Mounting Brackets

    Looking for the interior trim piece that goes around the radio and down around the gear stick on an S15. The previous owner of my car cut a piece out of mine to fit a rubbish radio and I sticker bombed it to hide the damage but i'm getting a bit sick of looking at it so want an undamaged one to...
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    Dead/Sluggish area around 2300rpm. Spec S

    Hi guys. I've been recently experiencing a dead patch in acceleration when then engine is cold on my Spec S. It occurs around 2300rpm. It accelerates fine up to this point but then seems to hesitate and struggle for a second or 2 and then accelerates away fine again after this patch. It hasn't...
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    FS: Wanted: Smaller part of S15 OEM Skirt

    Right lads I had OEM skirts on my S15 for a few months and mangaed to lose the smaller section of the driver's side somewhere. It's a long shot I know but does anybody have this piece lying around? If not is there anywhere that does copies so I could get that small piece made up. I'd hate to see...
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    OE Reference Number S15 Spec S Front Discs

    Well lads. I'v been onto mtec brakes in the UK to get me a full set of discs and pads all around for my Spec S S15. He got back to me looking for an 'OE Ref Number' for the front discs and pads. Think it stands for 'Original Equipment Reference Number'. Anybody have an OE Ref number for front...
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    FS: WANTED: S15 aftermarket front bumper

    Looking for a front bumper for my s15. I recently put aero skirts on it so im looking for a bumper that will match these skirts. Nothing too mental looking or hovercrafty. Possibly a tidy vertex style one?? Money is tight as usual so prob just looking at getting a copy. So what have ye lads?;)
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    Spec S Brake Discs

    Need new discs all around for my Spec S. Found these online for very good money. They are for 200sx/s14 turbo. I just want to know will they fit on my non turbo s15?? I've been told on another forum that these discs are 4mm wider than the spec s discs, is this correct? If so is it possible to...