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    Open Event: Japfest 2016 Silvertsone 24th April

    So Japfest 2016 is now at Silverstone, are we organising a stand again? I thoroughly enjoyed my time last year with the lads :wave::notworthy:
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    FS: HKS SSQV IV with recirc kit S15

    Item for Sale: HKS SSQV IV bov/dv with recirc kit (S14/A/S15), ran it on my S15 for around 1000-1500 miles. Price: £170 or offers (nothing stupid) or swap for a nice steering wheel setup. Location: Horsham, West Sussex Condition: Very good (1500 miles use max) Description: Its a bov/dv...
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    Quick Question regarding top mount setups and engine torque dampers

    Hi all, Anyone know if you can run a engine torque damper with a top mount setup? Thanks Liam
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    WTB: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with EL commander and all wiring and sensors

    After a Apexi Power FC (D-jetro) with EL hand commander and all wiring and sensors. Thanks Liam
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    Car cover

    Hi all, Im after a car cover, preferably tailored for the S15 as i only use the car at the weekends/every other weekend. Anyone have a good one to recommend, dont want my paintwork damaged! Liam
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    Drivers fixed back help

    Hi all, I've put a deposit on a seat which i'll be picking up next week. Its a Corbeau Pro Series 2k (wide), i'm a larger chap so it will be nice and roomy :nod: Problem is as its wider will it fit in the car/will it hit the doorcards ect? Anyone ran one and what rail can i use as the...
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    Help on wheels offest asap for clearance

    Hi all need help, ive just bought some new wheels the fronts are 18x9 ET30 will this clear my coilovers (apexi N1's)? If not what size spacer will i need! anyone running a similar setup?
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    FS: OEM S15 Spec R suspension

    Item for Sale: Oem S15 Spec R suspension (Struts & Springs) Price: Offers/£40 (i dont know what theyre worth) delivery at buyers cost, but prefer collection or can meet you at motorway services nearby Location: Horsham, West Sussex Condition: As you would expect, around 50K miles, no knocking...
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    Help needed please with Stage 1a / Mapping

    Hi all I bought my S15 pretty much stock bar Cat back and filter. Basically my question is if i fit all the parts for stage 1a that i already have (walbro, ebc, elbow, downpipe,decat) and run the car at 1bar without having the car mapped for a month or 2 am i going to have problems on the...
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    How to adjust handbrake?

    Hi all Just wondering how i adjust/tighten the handbrake (cables)? must be somewhere in the armrest area? Mines worked loose over time like always so need to tighten it before i fit the handbrake button Thanks All Liam
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    Whose got a carbon radio surround & where to buy

    Hi all, Ive purchased some Yashio Factory parts (Gearknob, Handbrake Button & Gaitor). now im wanting a carbon radio surround with shifter surround aswell. Picture below Ive heard some replica one (such as EPRacing are a poor fit), so im looking for a genuine one? anyone have any idea what its...
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    Trying to contact Chrisyboi

    Anyone have a contact number for Chrisyboi, he's selling some seats I'd like to buy. Would like to be able to make contact with him to arrange collecting Thanks Liam
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    WTB: Yashio Factory Gear Knob & Handbrake Button

    Hi Just purchased a Yashio Factory gear gaitor but wanting the gearknob and handbrake button to match Many Thanks Liam
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    Nissan Oil Filter Question ---- Weird

    Hi all, Done an oil change, got an oem nissan filter as theyre best part number 15208-53J0A, and it wouldnt fit? The threaded part wold not turn onto the engine?? It does say Model N14 & SR20DET on the side, so confused :/ Is that the right filter or do i need another? I have settled for a...
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    Someone please stop my confussion

    Hi all Just about getting round to fit my FMIC on the weekend :thumbs: Only problem i have is whats the best to run for the engine. Basically i want to aim for a stage 1a/2 on the S15. want to run a safe 1bar of boost and maz 1.1bar Whats best to do on the recirc side of things? Run the...
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    S15 YAU ----Yellow S15 Spec R

    Hi all Spotted as title states a yellow Spec R this morning, had a kit, aero spoiler, fmic, dmax rears. saw you at the car garage (used to be mole valey) on the outskirts of capel this morning at say 9:15. Looks awesome, who are you lol? Thanks Liam
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    WTB: OEM Black Xenon Headlights & Nismo Duckbill Boot Spoiler

    Hi all, Looking for these. need to be in great condition and decent money Thanks Liam
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    Boost Gauge Bulb Help

    Hi all, In desperate need of a new bulb for the stock Spec-R boost gauge, fixed my dash lights last night, got the boost gauge out to find it has a tiny tiny bulb in :( Anyone know where i can get a bulb for this? What size is the gauge aswell?
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    Wiper Blades

    Hi All, Im looking to get some flat/aero blades for my S15. has anyone bought a set for theres from say Ebay or anything like that. Are they the same length as other Nissan's that are in the halfords compatible book when looking at wiper blades? Thanks Liam :wave:
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    LiamB's KH3 02 Spec R

    LiamB's Spec R Aero Hi all, Im Liam, 21 from West Sussex. Just purchased my S15 last week from Torque GT (pick it up on the 2nd Spet). I hope to attend some shows with some of you chaps. Got a few plans for it, wheels, coilovers and stage 1 for now. Its a 2002, Super Black (KH3) Spec R Aero...