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  1. Tony

    fitting H-dev exhaust manifold.

    Hi guys! Bought a H-dev exhaust manifold, but I havent fitted It yet, Are they difficult to fit? haven't really done this before, All tips and trix are welcome, I was planning to remove the bolts by the turboflange first.. and then remove the bolts on the flange thats on engine side, and just...
  2. Tony

    rev sensor,...!???

    Hi guys. dont know how to explain, but when my engine is pretty warm.. and I start It. It revs up, and then goes down to 900rpm..Is there any sensor that I can remove??,, dont want It to rev up everytime.... especially when the engine is cold and It revs pretty much!! hope you understand what i...
  3. Tony

    Fitting bov, on the warm side (turbo side)

    Hi guys I'am thinking of refitting bov to the turbo side. Is this a stupid idea, or are many people doing this?? still running Recirculating bov! is there anything negative of doing this?? do I loose spooltime..? Best regards: Me =)
  4. Tony


    Hi guys! Here I'am again with my stupid questions..hehhe have anyone tried converting to z32afm and driving the car without a remap....?? Is It even possible..? best regards. T.M
  5. Tony

    S15 Spec-R 99. JDM. obd 1 or Obd 2??

    Hi guys.. As the title says Im wondering if Spec-r is obd 1 or 2..??
  6. Tony

    S15 afm

    Hi guys.. Does anyone know how much power Spec-R Afm can take..? I have heard 350 hp...... true?? have anyone tried Lathing It up....??? best regards: T.M
  7. Tony

    H-Dev S15 Stage 1a chip..

    Hi guys.. just wanted to check If anyone Is running H-Dev S15 Stage 1a chip.. with the setup.. Free flow air filter * Free flow exhaust * Uprated fuel pump * Boost controller set to 1,1-1,2 bar * Front mount intercooler.. would like to know how much power It gives to our Sr20det =)??
  8. Tony

    Oem injectors.....

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone knows how much our oem injectors can take..?+ I'll be running about 1,1 bar on turbo this summer.. and maby with a chip from H-dev..
  9. Tony

    H-dev tubular manifold

    Hi guys.. Thinking of replacing my oem exhaust manifold.. have anyone tried Horshams manifold?? how is the fitting?? any problem installing..?? Link: Damn good price...
  10. Tony

    WTB: searching for. S15. Front Low Chassis Bar Brace..?

    Hi guys.. Im looking for a Front Low Chassis Bar Brace .. My car had It but I saw that somebody took it of when the car was sold to me.. So If anyone has got one up for sale I'm interested!! Pic. Best regards: Tony M
  11. Tony

    WTB: S15 oem gearknob..?

    Hi there.. just wanted to check if anyone sells a oem S15 gearknob in good condition for a good price..?? Best regards T.M
  12. Tony

    have any of ya S15s racing 402m against BMW M3 343 hp

    Hey guys.. Have a lil question,, How does our Spec-R:s stand against M3 E46 on a 402 race.. and what setup do we need to keep up with them..?? just a lil curious, A rich daddys boy wants to challenge me,, and I dont think I have a chance.... =)
  13. Tony

    Power FC, from S14A to S15

    Hi guys.. just wanted to check If I can use a Power Fc from a S14a in my S15 Spec R....??
  14. Tony

    Spec-R Oem fuel injectors..

    Hi guys.. Just wanted to check if anyone knows how much HP our oem Fuel injectors can take..?? best regrads: Tony M
  15. Tony

    Backlash on driveshaft

    Hey ya all.. I was on a car inspection a while ago. the inspector felt on the driveshaft and there was a slight play,not much.. He said to me not to worry.. but I want to check anyway.. Is that common on S15....?? Best regards T.M
  16. Tony

    Splitfire coilpacks..

    Hi there!! iv'e heard that splitfire coilpacks increase hp.. Is there any truth here..and does anyone know how much in that case..?? best regards tony
  17. Tony

    WTB: S15 Spec R AFM..

    Hi..! Need A S15 Spec R AFM... anyone who's got one..? Best regards: Tony M
  18. Tony

    S15 oem fuel pump..

    Hi! Just wanted to ask If anyone knows how much The S15 Spec-R fuel pump flows?? I'm running 0,6 now, but will increase to 0,85-0,9 bar soon. I think The oem pump should take It.... What do you all think?? best regards: T.M
  19. Tony

    Can't rev more than 2000rpm.... =(

    Hi! I have a Spec-R 99.. was out and drove couple days ago, and suddenly the car almost stops and the rpm meter went down under 2000, and when i come near 2000 rpm almost nothing happens.. =) could It be somthing wrong on airflow meter..? (the afm is the original) what else can It be..??
  20. Tony

    heey ya all =)

    Hi my name is Tony, 25 years, live in sweden,born in croatia.. I finally bought my favourite car summer 2009.. A Blue 99 spec-r.. :) Here are some pics... bad quality pics, ... I have bought new tail-lights that will soon be fitted.. but now I need some help with rims...! I've...