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    Standard HID lamps.....

    Does anyone know what the standard HID lamp kits look like? One of my bulbs has gone and I'm assuming the kit I have in there is aftermarket but need to confirm it.
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    WTB: Rear seat belt bolts.

    Does anyone have a set of rear seat belt bolts for sale? In particular the bolts that attach to the central and rear pillars (B+C pillars)? One has a large spacer on it. I need both the left and right hand sides. Price posted to Buckingham please :) Thanks!
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    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead too... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
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    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead to... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
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    FS: S15 aftermarket Kit.

    Origin Lab kit for sale. Front bumper fitted for a few months, recently removed and replaced with a vertex bumper, same for side skirts. Rear bumper is still brand new, never fitted. £500 collected. There's some spiderweb cracks in the gel coating as pictured....
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    Exhaust manifold heat shield.

    I've had a bit of an issue with my exhaust manifold causing the paint to bubble on my bonnet and now I'm having the car fully resprayed would like to find a solution :love: Are there any exhaust heat shields available on the market? I've seen heat shields for the ABS system but need something...
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    Kaaz 2 way diff oil.....

    I'm looking at having the diff oil swapped in my 15 and it currently has a Kaaz 2 way fitted. I've found this online...... can anyone confirm this is the stuff i need?
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    FS: Cobra suzuka pro with side mounts.

    I have a Cobra Suzuka pro for sale, collected from essex. I am traveling to York on Thursday so could potentially meet someone en route if needed. These are great seats. really comfy and very supportive. The only reason I have removed it is because I managed to get hold of two identical Cobra...
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    Wiper deicer

    I noticed that my wiper deicer relay appears to be missing on my S15. The ringed one in the image below.... I am assuming that this is the relay for the rear window deicer and may be the reason my rear window doesn't defrost. Can anyone confirm this?
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    WTB: In desperate need of some fuses

    So my heaters stopped worked earlier today and I managed to completely destroy the 100a male PAL fuse in the engine bay fuse box. Not only have I destroyed that one but I was hoping to replace the two yellow 60a fuses so ideally need two good condition 60a fuses. Anyone have any 1 male PAL...
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    FS: S15 passenger seat

    Just the passenger seat for sale. Comes with the rail, in V good condition and located in Essex. I'l post a picture later when I get home. £75 collected.
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    FS: Low mileage Nissan Silva S 15 Spec R, Needs some bodywork attention.

    Removed until new v5 arrives.
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    WTB: WANTED: driver and passenger mint condition door cards.

    As above, I'm after some door cards. Mine have slight tears in so I would like to replace them with ones in near mint condition. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to collect......
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    Grey s15 Rainham Essex - T*** VAO - 6.45pm.

    Just seen a grey s15, led rear lights and what looked like an aero kit? You followed me from Rainham tescos until I pulled over to let you past (wast sure if I was seeing things in the dark!) I was in the blue kuga. Car looked lovely! Not going to lie, I wasn't pleased so see it....mines...
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    FS: XXR 530 - 5 x 114.3

    I have a set of 5x114.3 XXR 530’s for sale. 2 x 18 x 8.5 et20 with tyres (1 good 4/5mm tread, 1 damaged – split in wall) 2 x 18 x 9.75 et20 with good tyres – can’t recall the tread depth but I’ll take a look tonight. 1 9.75” wheel is damaged after coming into contact with a lorry, it still...
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    FS: Brand new S15 origin front and rear bumpers.

    S15 front and rear Origin bumpers for sale. I bought these a month ago after giving up hope of getting my hands on a genuine vertex front bumper; typically a vertex bumper has turned up so these are for sale. The rear bumper is brand new and never fitted on a car. I will get a picture tonight...
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    FS: S15 front fenders.

    I have for sale some 30mm front wings. These are brand new and have never been used, bought to go on my 15 but I've decided to go for smaller ones as I wanted a more OEM look. Will take £200 ONO. Collection from essex.
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    WTB: s15 vertex front bumper.

    As above, I need a vertex front bumper for an s15. Happy to travel to pick it up. Nothing damaged or previously repaired.
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    WTB: Carbon Fiber wing.

    I’m after a decent carbon fiber wing for my S15…..ideally after something of reasonable height, don’t want it sitting super low but don’t want it over my roof line either.. Don’t want something that’s damaged either, has to be mint as pretty close. Anyone have one for sale? Something of a...