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    Nurburgring Tours?

    Hello, I'm from Australia, traveling to europe in July for the first time. I will about a week to myself where I can do as I wish. I was looking at going on a nurburgring tour due to my interests in cars/S15s. Any recommendations on what to do? Or on the tours themselves?
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    Anyone been to Japan?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone here has been to Japan? I am hopefully going over in Jan/Feb next year and was looking for some advice on the drifting scene in Japan. I'll be in Tokyo for around 3 weeks, but only really wanted to spend one day or two looking at cars. Preferably a day trip to...
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    best small battery

    Heya, Need to get a new battery. I've cut a hole in my battery tray so need one of those smaller ones (forgot the technical name) What are the better brands around? What should i expect to pay?
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    Request: S15 aero front bar ONLY

    Pics pics
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    Walbro 341 Noisy

    Heya, My walbro has started making a really annoying buzzing sound, which is apparently normal for a 'walbro'. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the sound? Anyone tried sound deadening to block the sound from the cabin?
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    changing factory HID ballast

    Heya, Anyone changed the factory HID ballasts before? One of my lights started flickering and then stopped working. Pretty common sign of ballast/bulb failure in all HIDs. Was looking at doing the switcheroo (swap bulbs left to right) to see if it is the bulb or the ballast. Would a factory...
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    fuel pump lid

    Heya, where can I buy a fuel pump lid. I managed to snap off a connector/nossle on the top. it looks like everything is just one piece TY
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    Show me some flutes!

    Looking at getting some twin flutes for my S15. Want a decent amount of angle but also enough sly to maintain it as a daily driver.
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    Custom front bar?

    Hello, I was wondering what front bar this is? To me it looks like it is a factory non-aero front bar but has opened the 'mouth' and installed a front splitter. Is that correct? Is there much work involved in that? This is a stock front bar: It looks as though he just removed the number...
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    Front Bar Removal

    Heya, Could someone help me with removing the front bar off my S15. As in, where bolts/clips are located. Couldn't seem to find any information on it. Thanks, L.
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    Few questions

    Hello, I've only just purchased an S15 and had a few questions. 1. Do all japanese S15s have a rear wind screen wiper? I know that the Australian delivered 200sx did not have a rear wiper, but i thought the jap one did. I ask this because my car is a jap spec but there is no wiper. I'm fairly...
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    Blue S15 JDM

    Hello, Just purchased a blue 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R. Not entirely sure on the specifics of the mods: TEIN adjustable suspension Blitz SBC Dump Pipe 3" Exhaust Quick shifter eXtreme clutch Slotted fronts