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    FS: S15 spec s awesome spec £6200 Ono

    S15 spec s awesome spec £5900 ono Ashley's old one big change in circumstance forces a sad sale see eBay add and comment on here or phone / txt me thanks
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    Anyone ever advanced timing on a type s

    Heard there is some good gains to be had any none done tho or got any advice
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    S15 type s dyno

    Hi guys just brought Ashley meades s15 na it's had a few mods as you all know just looking at the dyno results and it made 152bhp isn't this less than standard what's wrong? Since this dyno it's had Fujitsubo header and front pipe cat back system and arc super intake pipe, what you reckon that...
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    S14a LSD centre into s15 diff to keep ratio

    Hi guys as above the s14a has a crap ratio compared to my spec s diff , trouble is mines open, is it possible to fit the LSD into mine keeping my ratio if so please explain how and a guide would be awesome thanks
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    WTB: S14-a auto LSD diff or other good ratio lsd for s15

    Hey just brought a lovely s15 na of Ashley Meade looking for a good ratio LSD that will lock well for drift days pm me thanks