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    WTB: Rocker cover

    As above for a spec r pls price posted to bristol
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    i have a s15 non turbo looking to do a rb25 cov at a later date so for now need some replacement pads and discs are they the same as a s14? or any idea where to buy from cheers chris
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    Annoying beeping

    Just picked up the spec s and randomly it beeps every now and then beeep..................beep beep beep when were driving any idea what this could be?? plus there is a switch just before the handbrake what this for its been snapped off? thanks in advance! chris:cool:
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    New to S15

    Hey everyone today we paid for a Silvia s15 Spec S Collect this weekend cant wait this is going to be my girlfriends cars but ill be honest we both love it what are the tuning options for the spec s? is there anything we should be careful of or to look out for? Cheers Chris+Becky