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    FS: Spec R Areo

    Ladies and Gents, it's a sad day, but an inevitable day. It's no longer practical to keep the S15. If only I had the funds to run 2 cars. To save posting the same thing everywhere hopefully a link is acceptable. Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R | eBay
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    FS: R34 GTT Wheels

    OEM 17" R34 GTT wheels Size: 17 x 7.5J ET+40 Fitment: 5 x 114 Tyres: Landsail LS388 Powder coated in a metallic dark bronze. Never got around to fitting them so the tyres are brand new and the coating undamaged. £200 Wakefield 07398253003
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    What next?

    I'll keep it at a reasonable level for now for my own sake. I have a spec r, standard turbo, 3" exhaust, decat, gtr fuel pump, 555c injectors, link ecu. As far as I can tell everything else is standard engine wise. Basically I'm aiming for a 500+hp car, currently 330ish at the fly. I know I...
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    WTB: S15 rear belts

    I'm wanting a full set of rear S15 seat belts, including the mounting bolts. Can anyone help me out? Chris
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    Inverted climate control screen

    It's been a while since I was last on here but after a year of owning the S15 I figured I'd actually start to make some changes to it. One of the little changes I'm wanting to do is change the screen lighting for the climate control. Black bits light up background is black, seen it before with a...
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    Will it pass a MOT?

    Hey people, if this has been asked before I'll delete the post but I can't seem to find anything through tapatalk. Anyway, my car isn't due a MOT till January, but before I start spending money I thought I'd get some info from you guys. My next little plans for the car are to remove the back...
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    Engine mounts

    I am wanting to get some harder mounts, thought about some solids but after a few minutes on the internet it seems like they are a bad choice for a daily. Decided to look at the nismo/hardrace one's and came across this Hardrace Uprated Engine Mounts Set (Street Version, 3 Piece) - Nissan Silvia...
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    Pod filter box?

    Hey guys and girls. All week I have been looking for a new air filter, decided to order a popcharger from the states. Anyway, whilst I was looking I came across some enclosure boxes for pod filters made out fibreglass. The styles vary but the idea is the same, a big box that mounts between the...
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    Bit of help?

    So, I picked up my S15 from torque over the weekend. My diff clunks Greg at protuner and the guys at torque say it sounds like a 2 way has been fitted. It has a C's short shifter that again Greg and the guys at torque say is the reason behind a slight rattle when off the accelerator. My...
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    Hi all ☺ I am new to this site so I have to say hello, so hello. At the minute I do not own a S15. I have just put a deposit on beauty white one from Torque GT, should be ready for early February. I have asked this morning for the Japanese inspection sheet, just for piece of mind. Torque seem...