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  1. s15wideass

    Splitfire coil packs, loom included in kit???

    Hey guys, i'm getting a set of splitfire coilpacks and i need a coil pack loom/harness so just wondering does the loom come with the splitfire setup or will i have to get that sepperatly because my harness is giving trouble.... anybody get the splitfire packs before?? any help much appriciated
  2. s15wideass

    S14 hand brake cables same as s15

    As above, does anyone know if s14 hand brake cables are the same as s15 ones?? or if there is a stronger alternitive..
  3. s15wideass

    Z32 afm do you need a remap???

    Hi guys, one of my friends mafs is broken and I was just wondering if he got a z32 afm would he need a remap or would the car run fine without a map on a stock ecu?? Might get a z32 myself if a remap is not essential, thanks for any help
  4. s15wideass

    Quick clutch question

    Hi guys, I have an s14 gearbox in my s15, the clutch is starting to slip so I'm pricing up a new one, do I need an s14 clutch or an s15 clutch? Any help and clutch suggestions much appreciated, thanks....
  5. s15wideass

    Wanted vertex ridge Bumper

    Hi guys, my s15 has a vertex ridge widebody kit but the front bumper does not match the rest of the kit, it's moulded to fit but doesn't look right. So I'm looking to buy a front bumper to match the kit, does anyone know where I could buy a new or used vertex ridge front bumper? Any help...
  6. s15wideass

    First pics of my new s15 wide body

    Updated new pics of my s15 Right so here's an update of the car as it is now havn't been on here in ages so alot has happened since i got the car :) old spec: apex 1.2mm headgasket braided turbo lines Orc twinplate clutch HKS manifold HKS elbow Hks downpipe Cusco coilovers Braided break...
  7. s15wideass

    Need help: s14 gearbox and diff in s15

    Hi guys, I need some help getting my speedo working. I've got an s14 abs diff and an s14 5-speed box in my specR s15 and the speedo doesn't work, I looked around the diff and there is a plug hanging down and nothing to plug it into. Also the abs sensor is missing, so just wondering if i get the...
  8. s15wideass

    Hi from Ireland

    Hi guys, just got an s15 specR last month and found this site very helpfull so i joined up.... Swapped my DC5 for a subaru blue wide arch s15 and i can't see myself ever going back to a front wheel drive car ever again, it's just so much fun in an s15 :D
  9. s15wideass

    Ball joints, S15/S14 the same?

    Hi, i'm looking for a bottom ball joint for the front passenger side of my s15. just wondering if anyone knows if an s14 one will fit? I was in a nissan dealer today and it's 380euro for an s15 ball joint :( , 50euro for an s14 one on ebay.