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  1. roachey

    FS: full s15 front end

    hi guys, i am deciding to sell the full front and boot lid of my spare chassis as i plan to do something a bit different again:) Bonnet £120 Bumper £80 Wings £120 pair Headlights £550 pair (not hid) Boot lid £50
  2. roachey

    FS: Tomei Turbo Brand new 420hp

    hi guys i sold a lot of parts now but still have this so thought i would put it here as it is actually really spec'd for the sr20det anyway, hope this will get put to good use, and im putting this up at £700 thanks.
  3. roachey

    FS: My ex race engine parts and extras some new and used

    Hi guy and gals looking to sell all my old and new RB parts from the engine i used last year. Some parts were bought new incase the viper conversion didnt go well so i would have used all these parts. I am looking to sell this all quite quickly as i dont want too many parts still here. I dont...
  4. roachey

    FS: s15 std wheels

    hi there i have an offer of std mint wheels offer for £80 collected only from Arbroath, Scotland. Offering as they are nice and would finish a mint car off or they are to be weighed in for scrap:( all of them are of the same condition.
  5. roachey

    Charlie V10 Dodge Viper power s15

    Hi all, no doubt by now it has been heard that this has happend what i can say is that its true. I David Waterworth am the builder and driver of this car. Ten laps is all that i have driven this car for and what i can say is that i love it, the noise, torque just shear madness of the thing. I...
  6. roachey

    FS: Parts for sale

    hi i am breaking my spare s15 spec-s down to a rolling shell, to keep though. Is there any parts from it that anyone may need? for a few pounds though. Thanks, if there is anything let me know:)
  7. roachey

    FS: Parts for sale

    i have parts from my s15 that i am not going to need anymore:D more stories on that one later. parts for sale D-MAX type 1 bodykit, Front & rear bumper with side skirts (front used and painted)£250 (collected) Vielside Carbon spoiler £60 Spec-S steering wheel with air bag (must be...
  8. roachey

    WTB: Bonnet needed with hinges

    bonnet needed with hinges local to arbroath, scotland but may travel, thanks.
  9. roachey

    FS: N/A SR20DE manual for sale, 75,000miles

    as above the engine has done 75,000 miles still driving and running fine just a little rattle on rare occasions for a second on start-up but still well. it comes with alloy pullys, hks filter and splitfire ignition wires and has just been serviced also. so if anyone is interested drop me a p'm...
  10. roachey

    WTB: Standard Grey s15 bonnet

    as above has anyone got one of these at a good price?:) posted to Arbroath, Scotland.
  11. roachey

    FS: s14/s15 alloy radiator

    As says brand new un-used condition surplus to requirements £120plus postage. Arbroath, Scotland.
  12. roachey

    FS: S14 sr20det engine parts and block

    hi there i am pawning off all parts from my s14 sr20 collection i,e sr head with wear but whole with non rattle vvt. sr bottom end with 1mm overbore again with wear on cylinders crank unknown but can be checked. (crank sold) Forged pistons (sold) New timing chain was fitted before the engine...
  13. roachey

    FS: SR20DET and parts

    i am selling an sr20det engine. The engine is in need of some work as it has bad compression but through some checking it appears that the rockers and the shims that hold the rockers to the springs were not installed properly by the previous owner!!! The head has been stipped down for veiwing if...
  14. roachey

    WTB: s15 headlights (pair)

    hi there i know im new but i am needing a pair of headlights and a bonnet with hinges if possable cheers guys.
  15. roachey

    Newbie from Scotland

    hi there im new to here and already chuffed as i never knew this was here i kinda found it by accident:) i am fairly new still to my s15 although not to nissans as i have had many 200sx's and am still using my s13 for competiton drifting and using the s15 for everyday which i have already...