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  1. C1TPT

    FS: S15 Spec R Aero

    Hey guys and girls, I never thought this day would come (or atleast come this early)!! However.. unfortunately Being out of a job and owning an S15 doesnt go together :cry: On the other hand i'm in no rush to sell it and if I dont get the money im after ill struggle and keep it! Most of...
  2. C1TPT

    Intercooler Piping

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the size and shape of the intercooler piping you get with the Apex Type 1 FMIC? Cheers
  3. C1TPT

    FS: Nismo S-Tune Suspension

    Right guys, I am thinking about selling my S-Tune Suspension! It's a great kit and I wouldnt change it but I want to go lower at the front :wack: I dont have pics of it at the moment but it looks in good condition (although its a bit dirty) No leaking shocks etc. I dont know what its...
  4. C1TPT

    Custom Map... Which one?

    Hi guys, I am getting my car mapped in march but I still havent decided what one to go for. :confused: Here are the 2 options I have boiled it down to: 1) Jez at Horsham Developments custom map �375 + �80 for Dyno Time 2) Steve at FC Tuning using Nistune software �420 + �75...
  5. C1TPT

    nistune or standard ecu remap?

    Hi guys, I will be getting my car mapped pretty soon and i was just looking at the options. i dont want something expensive like the PFC so its between the nistune software and just a standard ecu remap! can anyone tell me the differences? advantages / dissadvantages? can you call up fault...
  6. C1TPT

    2 Boost Sensors?

    Hey guys, I have fitted my EBC and therefore lost my standard boost gauge. I don't have allot of time or money at the moment so thought about trying to keep the standard boost gauge. Now I thought about just plugging it in and teeing off of the vacuum line. but then the car would get 2...
  7. C1TPT

    Little SX meet

    We had a little SX meet the other day in my uni car park. After a while a few other cars turned up but heres some pics...
  8. C1TPT


    Right its insurance time again for me, I got my renewal through the post from Bell and it had gone UP!! :no: So obviously I needed to start ringing round! I went on the usefull thread and got up the recomended insurers from sxoc. I started at the top of the list with A-plan, which were...
  9. C1TPT

    Presents fitted

    Hi guys, I managed to fit a couple of my xmas prezies so thought I would stick some pics up to see what you thought Heres the engine bay first, painted and fitted the strut brace. I also painted my rocker cover and battery to match! Ive got a chrome fuse box cover to put on but im not 100%...
  10. C1TPT

    Meet: Summer Meet!

    Update... The meet has now been organised for the 10th July, Banzai and Jap Performance are both interested in doing a feature :thumbs: **************** Right guys, a few of us have been talking about arranging an s15oc meet for the summer. We would like it to be as BIG as possible...
  11. C1TPT

    Its back!!!! :D

    Hi guys! As some of you know my car has been off of the road for a loooooong time but finally got it back :D I had the gearbox rebuilt even though it was fine.... I got a new clutch from Exedy... and fitted a new spiggot bush in the fly wheel now its all fine :thumbs: When I first test drove...
  12. C1TPT

    WTB: S15 Coilpack!

    Hi guys, Im in desperate need for a coilpack if anyone has one let me know :thumbs: Cheers!
  13. C1TPT

    HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer

    Hi guys, I bought an HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer a while back, fitted it fine but it kept reading the wrong speed and therefore mucking up all the other features it has over the Type 0 timer. After a while I realised it was reading KMH as MPH an vice-versa! I got the speedo signal wire straight...
  14. C1TPT

    Fuel Rail

    Hi guys, Now i dont know alot about the fuel system on the SR20DET, but I like the look of this fuel rail: I know its obviously not going to be a top quality one but its a hell lot cheaper than...
  15. C1TPT


    Hi guys, Well Father Christmas has been VERY nice to me this year! I've just ordered lots of nice prezzies for the S15 :D First and most importantly of all.... My boost controller :) HKS EVC-S: A front strut brace: Some carbon fiber sheets to mount the boost controller...
  16. C1TPT

    FS: S15 Fog Lights

    Aero fog lights with the grill surround £50 delivered Pics on request :) Cheers, Tom
  17. C1TPT

    FS: S15 Standard WMIC!

    Hi guys, I have just fitted my new FMIC so I have the standard intercooler up for sale. Its in good condition and I'll get some pics up tomorrow! £60 + postage Cheers Tom
  18. C1TPT

    Gearbox not happy!!

    Well I have had a horrible noise coming from the clutch / gearbox for a little while now, I assumed it was the clutch I had in it but wanted to check because I thought it was getting worse. Put it on a ramp whilst someone was underneath and made it make the noise (engaged a gear) and found the...
  19. C1TPT

    Open Event: London Tunnel Run

    Hi guys, Anyone coming to the Miss Banzai tunnel run this time? I went last time and it was AMAZING!!! Me and a few other sx's / jap cars are going from Hatfield Tescos hertfordshire if anyone wants to join the convoy down there? Its £5 for a map (goes to charity) and £1 each entry fee...
  20. C1TPT

    FS: HKS Turbo Timer Harnes

    Hi guys, Bought an HKS turbo timer and fitting harnes at JAE yesterday but when I went to fit it there was already a harnes on the car! Nice surprise but annoying that I bought one! Ill get some pics up later £10