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  1. Sandor_

    Alignment parts

    Might was answered before, but couldnt find the right thread. So I m looking to lower the car by around 25mm . What alignment arms are a must have? The coilover going to be driftworks cs2 so it has caster and camber adjustment up front. The car is used for street\daily\sometimes fast road. Can...
  2. Sandor_

    Ultimate wheel fitting guide

    Thanks for the help so far guys, picked them up today. 17x9 et38 all around. Gonna run 8-10mm spacer on the front. Would it be possible to force in 240/40 tyres all around without loads of camber? Obviously with arches flattened.
  3. Sandor_

    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    She is finally home with me, just waiting on dvla to do their bit now. Huge love goes to the guys at OPJP Imports for their work to get it here.
  4. Sandor_

    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    Hello Everyone After years of dreaming and stalking you all, finally importing this NA from Japan. Due in early august. It`s a bone stock year 2000 model, with 90k km on the meter and meant to be a grade 4,5. Lots of plans and work ahead, and with that being said, surely going to need your help...