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  1. zefside_s15

    Nate's Jap S15 Silvia =^.^=

    Alright, intro over so time to start the slow & steady modifications, So far I have only done the following The first was a Cusco BCS Then a 3" high flow cat with Blitz Nur-spec RX cat-back exhaust After that I got some new shoes, but I'm really keen on the white with Pewter :( so I'll be...
  2. zefside_s15

    My Super Silvia =^.^=

    Hey guy's, my names Nate & here's my Silvia S15 First owner in Oz I have these wheels at the moment, but will be changing to a staggered set of bronze wheels shortly Here's a pic of my JDM option only cluster Put this bad boy on last week Plenty of other mods to come :) Cheers