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  1. hendo

    S15OC(Qld) has Merch

    A few members of S15OC(qld) have been making up stickers for our members rides to wear like a badge of honor lol and to get the clubs name out amongst the crowd. The good news is we can offer you the same goodies we will have which can only be a good thing right. The sticker pack will contain...
  2. hendo


    I have had my 2001 ADM Spec S S15 for near on 3 years. I picked it up with 98k on the clock bog stock off an old bird in Canberra. Over that time I have done the usual bolt on mods on a very low(not my doing) budget and done all the work myself bar the boot lid. I'm pretty happy with how with...
  3. hendo

    Kelford Cams

    Any of our NZ members got any info on Kelford Cams? Saw in a mag they are now making cams for SR20s and would like to get some first hand info on them.
  4. hendo

    DIY Air/Fuel setting?

    Does anyone know if you can or how you can set and check your air/fuel ratio at home, plus adjust it to suit your needs. I'm thinking that you can't without a computer and dyno but you never know.
  5. hendo

    Photo Downloader Link

    Thought I would post this link up to help people post photos, I had that trouble and Brisbane member Udi sorted me out. It's a free download so even better. Hope this helps. :thumbs:
  6. hendo

    Removing STD Dump pipe

    Swapping my my stock dump/front pipe and cat this weekend for a full 3" dump and cat, was wondering if anyone had any tips for getting the dump off the back of the turbo?. Looks like it's gonna be prick of a job. Cheers in advance.
  7. hendo

    S15 OWNERS CLUB (Queensland) ***Note: Dates and Venues can change due to weather/other events.***
  8. hendo

    Dumpking Dump pipe

    Anyone in Oz using a Dumpking Dump pipe? Thinking of getting one to go with the STD turbo and was looking to see if anyone has tried one or knows someone who has so I don't blow my dow.
  9. hendo

    Calling all Qld S15 Owners

    Putting a call out to all Queensland S15 owners/drivers to get together sometime in April for a meet and possible cruise. The aim being to meet and greet, put faces to names and show off our pride and joy no matter what the state of modification ie. no inflated egos and attitudes over who has...
  10. hendo

    G'day from Brissy

    Gday all, Let me introduce to my girl, she's a 2001 ADM Spec S. I picked her up from a women in the ACT in late 2007, bog stock with 89,000k's on the clock. Since then I have done the usual standard mods: - Pod filter - 3" cat back exhaust - FMIC - Turbosmart boost-T - BOV...