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  1. Joeh

    rear brake change

    I do recommend having someone to help you raise and lower the handbrake while you inspect, it should have only got tighter. The other thing is,have you started the engine and pumped the brake pedal after doing the job? If there is too much travel between the piston and the pads as it's been...
  2. Joeh

    rear brake change

    Did you line up the rear pad nipple with the cross shape of the piston? The issue with the handbrake might be unrelated, ask someone to pull and release the handbrake while you check the cable going to the back of the caliper to make sure its still connected correctly on both sides
  3. Joeh

    FS: Used Impul Wheels for sale

    I'd recommend also posting this to Facebook marketplace as that seems to be where most of the buying and selling goes on these days I think someone would snap these up super quick, rare as it gets
  4. Joeh

    My daily pearl white

    To say I am impressed is a huge understatement, this car will be better than it did when it rolled out of the factory Mad respect to the garage carrying out this work, it's hard to find a very skilled workshop let alone one that consistently works on your car days on end. Keeping my eyes...
  5. Joeh

    My daily pearl white

    That's some real serious work! That's super awesome. I assume you wouldn't fit a front mount intercooler in the future right? As it involves cutting a hole in the battery tray etc
  6. Joeh

    My daily pearl white

    Looking forward to see the result once it's back with you Are they going to blast the bay or how exactly do they do it?
  7. Joeh


    Would it not be similar to the DET pinout?
  8. Joeh

    S13 compressor

    Not sure if it's still in production, but on the off chance that it is, it might be worth checking this site out
  9. Joeh


    Congrats on the new car! Hope you're enjoying it :) There are a few users on here living in Japan, would be awesome to see some meet take place in the near future Here's a list of our newest members from Japan @Jarmmal @sawnti @redtacoma31 @_woahgabriel @willvle @havocwreaker @ericzdavis @ArroneXB
  10. Joeh

    My daily pearl white

    Congrats on the new house 👏👏👏 Garage is looking awesome! Loving the Advan theme
  11. Joeh


    Hey welcome! That's awesome, are they SR20 N/A Auto? I've never seen one IRL but would love to see one in person one day
  12. Joeh


    Congrats and good luck with the project! Feel free to post for any support you need :)
  13. Joeh

    Tweety S15

    Welcome Patrick! Congrats on the new car, have you managed to get it registered for the road yet? :D Great age to own an S15, I think I was around your age or a little younger when I got my first one, was a good time!
  14. Joeh

    Finally bought my dream car

    Welcome and congrats, that looks really nice, my favourite colour hehe, sorry everyone 😋
  15. Joeh

    Greetings from Perthshire

    Welcome Roo! That's a long journey, have you tried I guess worst case a flight or a train ride and drive back, but that's going to take you a good couple of hours Congrats on the new car and glad to have you here!
  16. Joeh

    Hello hello hello

    Welcome Aimee! Do you have any photos of your car? :)
  17. Joeh

    Glad to join!

    Picked this up from a duplicate post you made, awesome car!
  18. Joeh

    New Member S15 Seeker

    Welcome Steffan, hope you find the right one :) There are a few members here that are based in Japan, maybe they can give you some guidance to find yourself the right car Good luck!
  19. Joeh

    Hey, I'm new :) S15 owner doing a full rebuild this year.

    Sounds like a lot of fun, always love a project. Good luck!
  20. Joeh


    Awesome! Welcome to the club! Care to share some photos of the car? :) We've got quite a few members who are S15 owners in Japan, I wonder if there are any events that could help you all get to know each other!