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  1. willy s15

    R33 GTR wing on Silvia s15?

    hey mate i dont think is look pretty with it more pretty is origin for sylvia cars is (( i have one for sale by the way let me know for more )) brand new in box 1.75m long
  2. willy s15

    New Member post

    welcome mate load some pics from car
  3. willy s15

    Hey all

    you have p.m. mate
  4. willy s15

    Hey all

    P11 head swap you mean sr20ve head ??
  5. willy s15

    SR20DET - TURBO (GBC22-350, GT2560R OR GT2871R)

    hey mate geogle a little bit if you have s15 you know it have oem t2860 so what the point to put smaller tubo on it ?? pointless isnt it ? i suggest you out the same turbo 2860 or 2871
  6. willy s15

    New Member

    hey mate thats cool look on jhapa k10 is supercharger from factory 1000cc s/c pics pics
  7. willy s15

    Modifying my S14

    and need to change rims from 16 go for 17 or 18
  8. willy s15

    Modifying my S14

    hey mate i have for sale hks ecu brand new in box model is 3.23 not the last version ( 3.24 ) one model back if you want best ecu i buy it some while ago is new in box i can send some pics if you like -for pistons i suggest you for cp -for rods if you have money to spend i will go for...
  9. willy s15

    S15 RB26

    one more lucky man !! :cool::cool::cool:
  10. willy s15

    FS: volk rays 2piece rims

    hello to all i have for sale this lovevly set rims is volk rays 17x8/9 et44 this set now is disconected from volk rays rear has bigger lips is very good rims price is 900pounds plus ship and fee pics below more pics on request i change it with bigger is on box ready for ship
  11. willy s15

    Hello from Germany

    lucky man !!!
  12. willy s15

    Living in japan with my s15

    lucky you :):)
  13. willy s15

    Turbo (HKS GT2540 vs Garrett GTI-R sr20 GT28

    is very good turbo for is it not for hks is smaller think
  14. willy s15

    Turbo (HKS GT2540 vs Garrett GTI-R sr20 GT28

    hey mate my opinion is going with gtir easy you get 300-350ps hks is smaller after all
  15. willy s15

    volk rays set 17x8/9

    fit many many japan cars with 5x114 s2000 rx8 mx5 seat honda newer model sylvia rav4 more details on request
  16. willy s15

    volk rays set 17x8/9

    hey to all i have for sell my spare set rims i have no use it anymore as i have already 18 so spec is this volk rays 2 piece rims made in japan 17x8 17x9 et44 rear has bigger lips only need a good clean price is 850pounds plus ship and fee i have it on my sylvia
  17. willy s15

    New ecu HKS f-conv pro 3.3

    still here for sale
  18. willy s15


    hey mate if you duilt one go for det spec after all later you will go for det conversion for sure its very little mm bigger than de on det
  19. willy s15

    FS: volk rays rims 2piece 17

    i need this gone still here