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    FS: 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero 2.0 Turbo (Rare Leather Interior Version)

    With great regret, I think the time has come to sell my much MUCH loved S15 Spec R that I’ve owned for the last 7 years. I just don’t use it anymore and have hardly put any miles on it recently. Wife hates it as it’s too uncomfortable and I’m forever charging the battery just to go for a quick...
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    Headlight Moisture Nightmare

    Ever since I've had my S15 (around 7 years now), I've had this stupid moisture issue that just really bugs the hell out of me and I really have no idea how to fix it apart from people telling me to stick it in the oven which is NOT an option considering how expensive these things are. I've...
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    WTB: S15 Gear Knob & gaitor

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    Condensation In My Headlight - Will a Bag of Silica Gel Help?

    Just had my car machine polished and one of the headlights has condensation in there and it just won't go away. Can't see any damage to the light unit itself or any cracks anywhere. Taking the headlight apart is out of the question considering how rare and expensive they go for in case...
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    WTB: Spec R Pearl White Side Skirts

    Ideally in one piece with no cracks or anything. Not too fussed about scratches or scuffs as will most likely get them resprayed.
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    Blitz Dual Turbo Timer

    Guys, I've just ordered one of these along with a harness for the S15. Just wondering if anyone else has this running on theirs and if it works ok with your alarm? I've got a Toad Sterling One alarm system on mine.
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    WTB: S15 Driver Door Rubber Strip

    Anyone know where I can get the rubber strip thingy that wraps around the drivers window? Sent from my XT1052 using Tapatalk
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    Immense Steering Judder

    Already have this posted up on the SXOC but I got very mixed responses so thought I'd post up here to see if anyone can shed any light. This has really started to do my head in now. My steering vibrates very badly between 70 - 85. It's almost unbearable and when I turn slightly at those...
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    Headlight Indicator Bulb

    Has anyone done this before?? I've done a search and not found anything about how to do this. Is there a how to guide :confused: It's impossible to get to the bulb from under the bonnet without taking all the arches off and taking the headlights off the car. Tried looking from underneath and...
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    Windscreen Washer Jets Not Very Powerful

    Already done a search with no results found. When I pull the windscreen arm to release the screen wash onto my windscreen, it's so weak that it doesn't even make it onto my windscreen. Instead it just pisses onto my bonnet instead. What part could this be and how do I fix it? (Do I need a...
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    WTB: S15 Coil Packs

    Just developed a misfire that has half cured after I swapped pack no 3 but I still get misfires when hard on boost so it could be another one that's dying or pretty weak. Let me know what you got.
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    Moisture In Head Light

    One of my head lights seems to be all steamed up and I don't know how to fix this without damaging the light. I tried removing the headlight unit itself, but theres a screw underneath the light which would require me to remove the front bumper so that's not an option. I'm not putting my...
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    WTB: Aftermarket Front & Rear Bumpers

    Preferably in the pearl white but anything considered as long as there's no damage.
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    Wheels Rubbing In Arches During Hard Cornering

    I just changed the shocks for KYB adjustable shocks using standard S15 springs and now when cornering hard, the arches rub on my wheels depending on which direction I'm taking the corner at. My understanding is that the S15 springs are a little too soft for the dampers so these need uprating...
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    Toad Sterling One Keeps Going Off Randomly - S15 Spec R

    Recently this has come to light where my alarm will randomly go off and when I re-arm it, it happens again after a few hours but at random times. Sometimes sooner than later. ITS DRIVING ME BONKERS!!! Had a look inside the car for the alarm sensor and am unable to locate it at all! Normally...
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    Amplifier Installation

    Did some searching and had no luck at all. How do I get power cable from the engine bay to the rear of the car? What have you used? Any pics?
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    Best Oil Filter Removal Tool For The S15

    Please recommend me something tried and tested as its a pretty awkward place on these cars. Before anyone says it, I've already tried using my hands using rubber gloves for half an hour but didn't have any luck at all so gave up.
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    Silver Dash Panel Below Steering Loose Towards The End - How Do I Fix This?

    As above the part that is loose is the silver dash bit below the steering wheel slightly towards the right side. If I push it upwards, it just goes back to it's original position. I don't wanna break it so would like to know how can I replace this without breaking/damaging it? Is it held on...
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    Central Locking Problem (Alarm: Toad Ai606)

    When I try to unlock my car using the fob, only the passenger side unlocks remotely but the drivers side needs to be opened with the key. When I lock my car, again only the passenger side locks but not the drivers side. I can use the central locking switch inside the car on the drivers side...
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    ET35 Offset Wheels

    Just bought some Rota Torque 17" wheels that are ET35 all round. Will this look ok on an S15 Spec R with that offset or am I better off buying spacers for it? If spacers are needed, what 'mm' do you recommend?