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  1. zero260

    FS: BREMBO calipers.

    I have a front set of Brembo calipers from a 2009 mitsubishi Evo including the discs and pads. Obviously like the calipers the discs and pads are used but they seem to still have plenty of life left in them. The calipers are in excellent condition as I have just refurbed them in Candy Magenta...
  2. zero260

    FS: The Speed Factory Spec-R

    Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R I am very upset to do this and still very unsure if we could build a better looking car but my own personnal car and THE SPEED FACTORY show/demo vehicle is for sale as a new project is on the horizon. I wanted to built one of the best silvias on the road to date...
  3. zero260

    WTB: Standard S15 spec-r engine/ecu wiring loom

    I am after a completely standard, un tampered with, un spliced into engine/ecu wiring loom from an S15 spec-R. If anyone is breaking a car or has a loom sat there then can they please contact me as soon as possible. Many thanks.:thumbs:
  4. zero260

    WTB: Standard S15 (444) injectors

    Has anyone got a set of the standard injectors for an s15, I think they are 444's and are that naff browny red colour? Must be in full working order and cheap as we just need them to test a fueling problem.:nod:
  5. zero260

    How much is it worth?

    I am toying with the idea of selling my S15 Spec-R but I have no idea of what it is worth as the prices range so much. Most of you know my car, but if you don't then here is a link that will give you all the info: Its only...
  6. zero260

    WTB: Z32 AFM needed asap

    I'm after a z32 afm as soon as possible with the plug/wires. Must be in excellent working order and available straight away and sent as soon as payment has been made. Can you tell I am Please email me on or pm me. Many thanks. Gav.
  7. zero260

    Meet: Northwest rolling road event

    Hope no one minds about me posting this up in here but our clubs having a Rolling Road event this Saturday the 19th and there are a few places still available if anyone would like to come. Even if you don't want to put your car on the rollers then come down for a brew or a burger as the butty...
  8. zero260


    I have several parts for sale that I have recently removed from my S15 Spec-R: I have a KAKIMOTO RACING 92-Z cat back exhaust System with a 4" tail pipe in excellent condition SOLD Also a 3" downpipe in excellent condition for £60 and a couple of oem parts, Radiator and Turbo...
  9. zero260

    Intake Plenum Pipe work help

    If possible could anyone help in looking at the following pics and tell me if the piepwork is correct, its just that its boosting wrong and I am sure the boost pipe is on wrong. Now I am no technical minded person so please keep it Is A, B, C and D right, the pipe marked A is coming...
  10. zero260

    Apexi Power-FC instructions

    Does anyone have a link or any instructions on what pins need changing on an Apexi Power-FC that has been removed from an S14a so it can be fitted to an S15? I hope someone can help. Cheers.:thumbs:
  11. zero260

    Meet: NorthWest Performance Car Meet

    I hope its ok to post this up with me being pretty new to the forum but we are having a bit of a get together of performance cars on the 31st of January. With myself being very new to the S15 ownership I have met some very helpful and great fellow s15 owners and it would be great to see and meet...
  12. zero260

    FS: S15 body panels

    In the first week of February I will be removing several body panels from my 1999 pewter coloured S15 Spec-R. Panels available are: Front bumper in excellent condition with just a few minor marks: £110 Both front drivers and passenger side wings in perfect condition (inc. Indicators): SOLD...
  13. zero260

    FS: Volk gt-p fully forged wheels & tyres

    I have for sale my 17" Volk GT-P wheels and tyres. They are in excellent condition and are a fully forged 2 piece wheel with a 5x114.3 stud pattern. The fronts are 17x7 with a +29 offset with Dunlop 215/45/17 Direzza tyres with 5mm of tread. The rears are 17x8 with a +37 offset with Dunlop...
  14. zero260

    Gav's (zero260) Spec-R

    I thought it was about time I posted some pics of the new motor. I have had it for a couple of weeks now and I am loving every minute of it. It took me ages to find a low mileage car that was very clean inside and out but I finally came across this one. Its done 23,000 miles, and it is very...
  15. zero260

    Spark plug cover

    I am after a polished spark plug cover and I cant find one anywhere. The only ones I have found are the carbon and Tomei ones. Even if its just a brushed ali then that will be fine as I can polish it up myself. Does anyone know where I can get one from?
  16. zero260

    Spacer and wheel stud question

    I have just had a trial fit of my new wheels on my car and the fronts are tight up against the strut so spacers will be needed. They are 18x9.5 with a 30 offset and the coilovers are the Apex Gen2 ones. I know I can clear them a bit as the camber is slightly out but has anyone else had this kind...
  17. zero260

    FS: Apexi power-fc & commander

    I have for sale my Apexi Power-fc and Commander from an S14a. But this will also fit an S15, please see the following thread for info: They are in perfect condition, like new. :nod: Code: PFC SR2016 020- 0461 I am after £500 plus...
  18. zero260

    Z32 MAF Question

    Am I right in thinking that the 300ZX Z32 afm (A36-000 N62) is the right one to get for the S15? Or should I be getting a different one. Hope someone can help and many thanks.:thumbs:
  19. zero260

    Carbon Bonnet

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get a Nismo style carbon bonnet for my S15? Something that will give a good fit without costing an absolute fortune. In my experience you pay a fortune for a carbon product and the fit is naff! Hope someone has some experience of a decent product...
  20. zero260

    Wheel ofsets

    Still learning on the S15 front so I have a question about the wheels. I will be going for a wide set of wheels but is there anything I need to know about when it comes to putting certain ofset wheels on an S15? Many thanks.:thumbs: