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  1. the doctor

    new headlights

    can anyone give me the part number for new set of nissan s15 headlights pleas.(with black back) greetings
  2. the doctor

    lamda sensor

    hey my lambda sensor was recently broken. but I also read that you can replace the lamda for a wideband sensor and analog signal wire to the standard ECU. This should also work, and so should not drill anny holes in my new downpipe. and I save money for not needing the new standard lambda...
  3. the doctor

    broken injectors

    hey, does anyone know the correct size of injectors SR20DET S15 hear everything from 370 to 480cc I can use SR20DE injectors, or injectors nissan GTST?
  4. the doctor

    stock boost upgrade

    hey guys, read on a post how to turn the boost up a small bit! on stock sr20det! cant find it annymore:cry: (reconnect some hoses to restrictor ore somting) can somone help me (pics are welkom) greeting wim
  5. the doctor

    apex intercooler

    hey guys I am buying pieces for swapping int sr20det but I need some info of some pieces! above the battery is a part that I do not know. does anybody know what this is because it was not connected with the purchase?? even at the apex intercooler are some pipes that I can not identify I...
  6. the doctor

    white s15 spec s from belgium

    hello, my name is wim, i am 24 years old. I live in belgium After years of dreaming I finally own a nissan silvia spec s. from 2001 and this was grade 4.5 and was 100% original. and has 63000km on the clock. spec list; apexi airfilter licht weight pulley's exedy hyper twin clutch tein front...