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    WTB: Exhaust mid section and oem diff

    Hi im trying to source an exhaust mid section between the cat and back box ideally a mid box delete. Ive got a kakimito regu and the mid box is shot. Thanks Also im after the spec r oem diff mine came with a nismo 2 way and for daily driving is driving me mad haha. Im based in norfolk so...
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    Front mount intercooler advice!!!

    Hi there I'm waiting on the arrival of my Silvia s15 from Japan and while I'm waiting I'm buying parts ready for when she arrives but I need some advice on intercoolers my s15 has the story oem aero kit with the factory fog lights, what front mount intercooler will for without me loosing the fog...
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    Hi just thought id say hello im not a current owner of an s15 but im on the lookout for one if theres anyone selling one pm me that would be great :) Cheers Gareth