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  1. Joeh

    Hello everyone..

    Welcome Fian! Looking forward to see you part of the forum :) I saw that you've got an S15, that's a very big achievement to have in Indonesia, well done! We've got a section for members to keep track of their builds if you want to make use of it, the link is below...
  2. Joeh


    Hey Stefan! Congratulations on importing your S15! Glad that you've had a good experience as sometimes it can be a little bit tricky. Feel free to make a build post of your car here: https://www.silviaoc.com/discuss/forums/members-rides-specs-builds.15/ There is quite a large but silent...
  3. Joeh

    Hey everyone 😄

    Hey! Welcome to the club :) Lovely BRZ in the perfect colour you've got there! What wheels are those? I would suggest to post a wanted post in our Cars for Sale section, hopefully you'll get a reply but it seems that most people are clinging onto their cars as the market is increasing in...
  4. Joeh

    S15 Noob

    Hehe well you're doing a great job! I've subscribed to your channel as well :) Looking forward to see what else you do with the car! Edit: Also don't be shy to post up your videos on the forum when ever you make a new one, you can use the S15 chat area to post them up, if you just drop a link...
  5. Joeh

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the club! Yes we'll be back to events soon, just waiting for this all to pass :) If there's an event you think we should consider before winter then let us know and we will try to cater for it! BTW nice choice of colour ;)
  6. Joeh

    S15 Noob

    Awesome videos! Really good detail you put in there and I think you have a natural ability for presenting :) Anyone who wants to watch, you should start with this video:
  7. Joeh

    WTB: 【Wanted!】ADM 200sx oem front deflector

    I do think it’s a very rare part as this is the first time I’ve seen it. Hopefully one of the AUS users will pop up to save the day
  8. Joeh

    Hello everyone

    Welcome ☺️☺️
  9. Joeh

    S15 Noob

    Welcome! Congratulations on your new purchase and starting your own YouTube channel! Please share a link with for the members so we can follow your progress :)
  10. Joeh

    Hey Everyone! JDM 1999 S15 Spec-S Automatic - Pop-up Sat Nav

    Might be best to measure the screen dimensions and compare this to pioneer products for example or likewise, unless of course there is a video-in input on there and you don’t have to replace it. With the maps I’m not really sure but I assume that the first place to start is Nissan, see if you...
  11. Joeh

    Hey Everyone! JDM 1999 S15 Spec-S Automatic - Pop-up Sat Nav

    Oh dear, I assume you could get a form of adapter to adjust the TV frequencies, and maybe there is a "rest of world" DVD update for the navigation, which you might not really use but would be cool to have. I noticed the crack when looking at the photos as well, might be hard to hide it...
  12. Joeh

    Hey Everyone! JDM 1999 S15 Spec-S Automatic - Pop-up Sat Nav

    That's great to hear 😊 Wow, I've learned something new today, I never heard of a Nissan R'nessa until now and seeing it has a SR20DET makes me want to try one. It's excellent news that you managed to replace the unit, and seeing it in action makes me wonder why more people didn't go for this...
  13. Joeh

    Hey Everyone! JDM 1999 S15 Spec-S Automatic - Pop-up Sat Nav

    Apologies a bit late.. Welcome to the club! Sorry to hear about your dad, I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I hope you are all doing well. The S15 looks immaculate, I don't think I've ever had the privilege to see one with the oem media systems still in place. I saw you...
  14. Joeh

    Hello there

    That's not bad at all, that's about what they go for here as well but if we want to import one it will cost considerably more. I hope you manage to reach your goal, looking forward to see the car that you settle on :) If you want any advice on any potential cars let us know and we'll give you...
  15. Joeh

    Hello there

    How’s the market been over there? They seem to be increasing in value here
  16. Joeh

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome! Check the MOT history for the car online for free, it should give you all the mileages and work that was advised, you can check if the work looks like it was carried out if anything major was listed recently. Check if the service history matches these mileages. Check if they've...
  17. Joeh

    Sonny's upcoming project 2

    Yes please! I would love to learn more about it :) I have no idea how I missed this build thread before!!
  18. Joeh

    Hello there

    Welcome Zoda! Good choice, have you managed to find the car you're after yet? :)
  19. Joeh

    S14 with S15 Engine.

    Hi Alexus! How's it going with your S14 :)
  20. Joeh

    Peglio's vertex edge edition

    Getting soooooo close now to all being in one colour :love: