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  1. Joeh

    Question about importing...

    Direct from Japan will probably be ideal, but they sometimes come up cheap here in the UK, so that's also an option For Japanese import, I would recommend a company like Cosmo Japan edit: Just pay attention to Rust when buying from UK etc.
  2. Joeh

    Hello from the Netherlands👋

    Awesome! Another S15 owner :D Welcome to the club :)
  3. Joeh

    My daily pearl white

    Love the slippers. Very impressed with the final look on the headlights, look great. Have you fitted them yet?
  4. Joeh

    A toy to compliment my existing one

    The interior of that S15 is amazing, I'm surprised. I think I've found a new hobby haha
  5. Joeh

    A toy to compliment my existing one

    Look's awesome and the details are great, like the TE37's and their spoke engraving! Is this the website? Ottomobile home - Ottomobile (
  6. Joeh

    Another S15 in Europe :)

    Wow that was a lot of work in one hit! Looks great, I also once painted one of my previous S15's from Black into the TV3 as well, it's a great colour. Surprised the amount of carbon in your engine oil, I guess someone was a bit lazy of changing the oil often. Was there any scoring to the...
  7. Joeh

    Broken cowling trim question

    I believe its comes complete as part of the cowling There's a good chance that it's very similar to other cars so if you go to a scrap yard you should be able to find one similar, however you would want to find a slightly longer one and trim it down just in case
  8. Joeh

    FS: Restored Sapphire Green S14a

    Congrats on a fast sale!
  9. Joeh

    G'day From Australia.

    Sounds fun, good luck with it. I'm sure these plans will turn into more plans and you'll find your self endlessly looking for more things to do to it haha.. I always get myself caught up like that. But yeah for sure it will be nice with a top mount turbo and a manual box, loads of smoke and...
  10. Joeh

    G'day From Australia.

    Welcome! S14's are great, hope you're having fun with it Any plans?
  11. Joeh

    Fusebox Loom R/LAMP relay

    Could you take a photo for us to see? Does it look like a modification or OEM?
  12. Joeh

    Introduction of me, myself and i

    We've got a download section where you can get the wiring diagrams from the workshop manual, might be worth having a look there
  13. Joeh

    Introduction of me, myself and i

    Hey Timmy Welcome to the club! Are you rebuilding the engine or just the body in general? I have 3 cats.. haha
  14. Joeh


    Welcome Ali Sounds like a lot of fun lies ahead Good luck with the build! Joe
  15. Joeh

    S15 just arrived

    That’s handy, hopefully you can correct it later when it’s old enough?
  16. Joeh

    S15 just arrived

    Are there any implications of doing that?
  17. Joeh

    S15 dreamer canada

    Welcome! Congratulations on getting yourself a Spec R! There are a few members here that have had this experience recently, you could reach out to them if you have any questions All the best of luck!
  18. Joeh

    S15 just arrived

    Congratulations!!! How easy or difficult is the process to get it registered?
  19. Joeh


    Hi Yutaro! Did you manage to find the guard?
  20. Joeh

    Peglio's vertex edge edition

    😭😭😭😭 we need a gofundme page for you so you don't have to work haha