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    FS: Standard S15 Steering wheel

    Condition as pictured. £80 OVNO collected from Lincoln. Thanks, Dylan.
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    FS: S15 Aero rear bumper with genuine aero spats.

    Sold this to a member on here recently and had a complete nightmare, even with pictures he expected a brand new bumper (from a 16 year old car). One spat got damaged when posting to him (which he never claimed for even though it was insured). Paypal refunded his money after a lengthy battle of...
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    FS: Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0 - Amazing wheels

    Here for sale (and finally with pictures) are my Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0. Front tyres are almost new, with light camber wear and rear tyres are done. These came from the SATS Supra a few years ago when Chris & Mark changed the wheels, they are very rare and fantastic sizes...
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    FS: Huge spec 1JZ S15 breaking - Bride/Volk/Holset/R154/Exedy/Spec R Aero

    It pains me to do this but unfortunately after the 1JZ engine starting to rattle yesterday I have decided to break my 1JZ S15. I have spent two years slowly building the car and unfortunately now have lost heart and want to go back to owning a 180sx which I care less about and don’t mind...
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    FS: S15 Front bumper with lip, OEM S15 Foglights, OEM S15 Seats, Defi Gauge, HKS EVC

    S15 Bumper in good condition, comes with a custom plastic front lip which was made by me. A much nicer upgrade than the ITR lip. £130 + Postage (Will do this plus foglights for £170 delivered to UK) S15 OEM Foglights. £50 + Postage S15 OEM Seats. £150 + Postage. We all know what they...
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    FS: S15 Spec R Aero Skirts

    Bought these along with my Aero bumper recently as a friend was looking for a set but due to circumstance change I now have them in my possession and could do with the money for them. They are GENUINE Nissan plastic parts and not a cheap fiberglass replica, full skirts plus end caps. They came...
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    FS: Volk TE37 17x9.5 and 17x8.5 (ET32ish all around)

    Here we have my Volk TE37's for sale, they are 17x9.5 and 17x8.5 with an offset of ET35 all around (measured with the tyres on so could possibly me a mm or two either way) I bought these wheels a couple of years ago and have ran them on various cars, they have always been my 'second'...
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    FS: S15 Aeroworkz Carbon front lip - Fits OEM bumper.

    S15 Aeroworkz carbon and frp front lip, bought this brand new from Japan, fitted it up to my bumper and really liked the look of it, however after a bit of change of heart im going a different route. The centre part is high quality Carbon, and the corners are FRP. Extremely good quality as...
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    FS: Navan S14 Bumper (Cheap), Bee*R Rev Limiter, S15 Aeroworkz lip, S14/S15 Arms.

    Having a mini clear out to help pay for my car getting painted: Navan S14 Bumper, has taken a hit at some stage and needs some work hence price: £120 ONO ________ Bee*R Rev Limiter, this is not the Honda type so pretty sure it fits all Nissans, Toyota, Mazda etc etc Brand new boxed and...
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    FS: S15 30mm Rear over fenders.

    Bought these not that long ago for my S15, they are 30mm Rear Overfenders. I paid about £150 for them before postage brand new about 2 months ago, I received them and they sat in the garage for a month before I bothered to even look at them - Upon looking at them I realized they need some minor...
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    WTB: S15 Speedo Cluster

    Somehow managed to short/fry mine this evening. Need a cheapy cluster for my S15. Will need it posted too. Let me know if you have anything. Cheers, Dylan.
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    FS: SSR SP1 - 17x10 ET16 17x9 ET16 VGC with Tyres.

    I bought these for my S15 a number of months ago and they have pretty much sat in my garage since, I tried them on the car once but have never drove with them on, I am now planning to go for 18's instead and have found a set of Volks which take my fancy so these are no longer needed. Specs...
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    WTB: S15 Oem Spoiler in pearl white?

    I kind of want an OEM spoiler on my S15, but dont want the hassle of painting anything? So, might be a long shot but S15 OEM spoiler in pearl white wanted, if it was on a bootlid and all ready to go that would be 10x better to save me cutting holes in my own. PM me. Dylan. :wack:
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    Before I start ripping badges off.....

    Before I start ripping badges off and potentially leaving holes in my boot lid, does anyone know if the Silvia and Nissan badges on the bootlid of an S15 are just stuck on or actually clipped on via a hole or two? Someone has stuck a nasty nismo badge on mine and I want to remove it and the oem...
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    S15 Silvia - My new project.

    After months of looking at S15's and trying to convince myself I didnt need one, I just had to get one... So spotted this for sale down south, left for Tralee at 9am yesterday morning and never managed to get home until 3am. The car is an S15 Silvia Spec S. Quite pleased with the car for the...