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    Front lift kit

    I've got a Meister R prototype front lift kit on my S15, it raises the front up 40mm to get over obstacles such as steep entrances to petrol garages, speed bumps etc. I've found it really useful and has saved my front bumper from getting destroyed on many occasions! Its usually found on VAGs or...
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    FS: Wide arch Drift spec S15 Competition ready. Full cage ex-BDC

    Hi, I’m selling my ex-BDC S15. I bought it with the intention of learning how to drift, and realised that I simply don’t have the time to put into learning drifting to get good! Such an amazing car needs a more talented owner. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 1999 nissan s15 spec R 99,000 mixture of...
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    FS: Passenger S15 seat (FREE)

    Hi all, I have an original S15 passenger seat. I don't need it, its free but you would need to collect it from eltham, london. Cheers, Shah
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    WTB: HKS Hi Power Silent

    Hi, I'm looking for a HKS Hi-Power silent exhaust for my S15. The current unbranded aftermarket exhaust on my S15 isn't that loud, but I just don't want grief from my neighbours. They already wrote a letter to the council and got a little petition against me when I did this... I drove with it...
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    Bought an S15!

    Hi, I'm finally officially part of the S15OC :) I picked up my S15 from Ireland on Wednesday, was a long drive back 6.5hrs... especially when we took a wrong turn in Wales and ended up on country lanes! Here is the car: The car came with some graphics on the drivers side and passenger side...
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    Advice on buying an S15

    Hi, I'm in the market to buy an S15, be grateful of any advice you could provide me, things like what I should look out for (rust on strut tops etc). I've got a budget around £14-15k which includes money for interior and exterior modifications if I get a standard one. So far options are...
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    Hi from London

    Hi all, I'm Shah, I'm actively looking for a nice S15. Probably seen a few of my posts in the for sale section. I've currently got an pretty well known drag car R33GTR with 950bhp, currently being rebuilt for this season, and a project car which is a 400bhp RB26 Powered Altezza. I run a...