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    FS: 6 spd s15 spec r gear box

    Don't need my spec r 6 speed box so shall sell it. 60k, excellent condition, no crunching or whining, never abused while I used it. £300? Don't know the best value - any suggestions? located in porthcawl for collection or if someone wants to arrange a courier
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    FS: NISMO/Apexi 740cc Injectors

    These are out of my s15 SR20DET engine and have covered 5000 miles so are in top condition. £340 + PP or make an offer
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    FS: S15 6 spd Gear Box

    I have the above for sale. Its in excellent condition, no problems with gear selection and covered around 60,000 miles. £475 Collection preferable, but can look into sending at buyers expense. I'm located in south wales, near llantrisant.
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    She started to knock really bad

    :(Last night about 60 miles from home my ECU light flashed at me which prompted me to look at my PFC and I noticed knock had gone into 70's. I also noticed that around 2500rpm that the cams/cam sounded ticky (you know like an old vauxhall engine sounded on startup until it quietened from supply...
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    Spark Plug Gaps

    I have searched the site but no conclusive answer. What I would like to know is what gap should I be running, the car is at 1.15bar and has been mapped. I currently have a gap of .75 (as they came) but have heard/read that .9 (nissan standard?) and even 1.00 should be used. I am using NGK...
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    FS: For Sale: 99 S15 Silver Spec R

    Hi, just putting a quick note up here for my car (above). After long self deliberation I have decided to sell what I think is the best all round car out of all the other jap performance and euro cars I have owned. Its the longest I have owned at nearly 4 years since import. I say best all...
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    Chain or VVT Rattle

    I have done a search and not found what I am looking for regarding the above. I thought I had already asked about this but I cant find it. About 3 months ago I was getting a tick/rattle which under closer investigation looked like it could be the water pump impeller as the shaft had some play...
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    Power Steering

    Does anyone know what would happen if the belt for the pulley on the above? Obviously the steering would go heavy but would it cause any damage to the rack and if not could you drive it as normal (hate power steering).
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    SR20DET Water Pump

    My water pump is going but luckily I have caught the problem. What I would like to know is does the s15 pump vary to the s14. I have tried to find one online but cant confirm if there is a difference. Also my car is modded with all other kinds of upgrades and I have read that if you are running...
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    Changing front wing repeaters

    Hi, I know this might be a basic one and I have done a search on the site to find the answer however I dont want to end up pulling the front wing repeaters/indicators and breaking them. Do I push and turn in a certain direction, just turn etc.. Any help would be appreciated. Keith
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    Possible Air Starvation?

    This probably sounds silly but I was wondering if the above could occur. My circumstances are HKS Mushroom IC sitting by the strut facing the wing and a FMIC. When I push it at around 110+mph I get some hesitation/holding back. I'm running 1bar and stadard tubby, 740 injectors, apexi ecu power...
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    Sump need a gasket?

    I have to take my sump off and I have motor factors saying that I need a gasket and others sealant. Anyone know?
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    Aftermarket Manifold

    I bought a ss manifold for my S15 and it was stated to be for an S15 but when my garage fitted they said it was an S14. I want to confirm with those inthe know if this is true and if so would the internal diameter of the pipes be different? I now have 43mm, is this an increase over standard?
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    Radiator Cowling

    I broke mine while taking the rad out to replace with an upgraded one and my mechanic says that I should have one on as it helps with the cooling. I never had any problems through the summer with it off and now that its cold the temp stays around the same. Any thoughts? Ta, Keith
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    Battery Advice

    I have been looking at batteries for the S15 and just have a couple of queries as to what spec the the battery should be. 1. I know what CCA is, but what is the ideal number (I currently have 330) 2. CA I assume is cranking amps but how does this differ from the above (is it a warm CA) 3...
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    Injector Change Poss Prob??

    I have just got a set of Nismo 740's to replace my Nismo 550's. I was told that its a case of plu and play, is this true (does the injector slide out easily or do I need a tool). The other thing is My Apexi ECU and PFC needs to be told about the change, so if I put the 740's in will the car...
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    Help me understand rad cap

    OK, I have my own theory on this but if someone could tell me the advantages or not of changing the rad cap from a 1.1 bar to a 1.3. For the cap to relief on a 1.3 that would mean hotter coolant right? The hotter means a raise in pressure. So If I stick with my 1.1 bar it open earlier and...
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    Electrical Expertise

    I have a small battery on my car, think its 330 ca. If I leave the car for a week its unlikely to turn over. The battery is fine just my alarm and earthing kit possibly draining it. My question is would it be better to relocate to boot area with a large battery or put one in the boot thats...
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    S15 Seats

    Does anyone know if the floorpan for the seats in the s15 is the same as the s14 or 200sx. looking to Change my seats andwant to know if mounting brackets for 200sx/s14 will fit s15.
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    Engine Damper

    OK, I bought one of ebay only to find its not a damper. It looks like one but if I fit it it would act more asa brace. Now I'm not an engineer but I would have thought that there should be some give in the engine? If not maybe the stress would be transferred to the gearbox or elsewhere? Any...