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    WTB: S15

    Hello, I am looking for a S15 preferably Manual but automatic would do also. Spec S or R is fine just not a Varietta I'd prefer a Autech if possible but again I'm not picky Mileage is fine long as it's not over 200K Show me whatcha got :D Price range is £15000 - 21K USD
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    WTB: Looking for S15 chassis

    Hey guys! I live America and really want a S15 for my drift build/show car. Does anyone have a S15 doesn’t matter the condition, doesn’t have to be turbo or stick. Stick would be preferred but once again not a big deal. It’s just the chassis I need to get started. Only thing I ask is no extreme...
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    Hey everyone 😄

    Hey guys! I sadly don’t own a S15 it is my absolute dream car and I want one really bad. I live in the US, and actually found someone who can import them legally. But it doesn’t really matter since the car would be under a show car registration because I want to drift it. I own a 2019 BRZ. If...