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    It's raining

    Best time to wash a black car is it the rain,
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    2001 Nissan Silvia $13000, is it worth?

    They are getting harder to find, you dont see many on the road. A lot of the younger guys are writing them off. The s15 is a brilliant driving sports car. Power ,handles , its the ultimate driving pleasure. I like skylines they're a brilliant car. But I prefer s14s, s15s
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    2001 Nissan Silvia $13000, is it worth?

    13000 what is ,uk, euro, whatever that's cheap prices are going up ,getting harder to get. Once the s15 is legally allowed to be driven in the US, 2023. Watch the prices skyrocket. Here in Australia they have gone up approx 20 per cent in only past year
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    My s15 black beauty,

    No that's not a real issue it's fine when it idling or cruising, as you would expect gets a little loud when you give it some stick. But it sounds good ,not annoying big difference there
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    White with ducktail m6 yesterday...

    Na wasn't me ,didn't drive on weekend
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    My s15 black beauty,

    3 inch straight thru with an Australian X Force two outlet stainless can ,nice deep sound loud but not annoying loud
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    My s15 black beauty,

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    My S15

    Wheels are avant garde m220,18x9,with black centers
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    My S15

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    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    Wish they were 18s,
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    Hi guys I am new to this site.Am a proud owner of a black souped up S15. Hopefully I can gain and share knowledge of such a potent car. The sr20det is basically a race engine