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    Hi, from Norfolk

    hey mate welcome in c lub if you are looking for good set rims take a look on this
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17 2piece rims

    yea yea i will do
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    FS: nissan sylvia s14

    here some pics for s14 s14A
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    FS: nissan sylvia s14

    i have for sale a speedmeter for s14 (A) is great condition is from import has on 180klms 150pounds ship it
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17 2piece rims

    pics here perfect for s chassis
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17 2piece rims

    hey to have a nice set of rims for sale spec is this (2) 17X8 ET 44 (2) 17X9 ET 44 rear is with bigger lips i can ship it anywherre at buyers cost 900pounds plus paypal fee
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    FS: FS: S15 Silvia Spec R Aero

    hey mate didnt work
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    What ratio diff?

    you rigth i was wrong mate sorry S15 – SR20DE – manual/auto – 4.083 S15 – SR20DET – manual – R200H – 3.692 ++++++ S15 – SR20DET – auto – R200V – 3.916 ++++++ S14 – KA24DE – USDM – manual/auto – 4.083 S14 – SR20DET – EDM – manual – R200V – 3.692 S14 –...
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    What ratio diff?

    no no s15 with 6 speed manual has 3.69 i have it spec r s14 manual 5speed is 4.1 i am sure for this
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    What ratio diff?

    if is not auto trans and is manual 5 speed is 4.1 if is auto is 3.9 and if is spec r is 3.69 if i am wrong correct me someone
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    Hi from Hong Kong

    ;) ;) ;) welcome mate one more lucky man with s15
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    yea yea its good base for it
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    some replay but nothing serious back for sale again
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    Hola desde España

    hola amigo
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    Hello from Osaka, Japan

    i had saw a few vid from him is cool
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    Hi from wexford Ireland,

    lucky you are welcome sene some pics when you can
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    FS: nissan sr20/sr16 vvl head

    hello to all 2 more head complete is for sale now sr20ve sr20ve cams sr16ve cams (( is wilder than 20ve )) this parts gone asap p.m. for more
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    still for sale new lower price 900quid plus ship to anywhere
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    FS: nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    still have some for sale fellas
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    FS: S15 halfcut parts

    holy cow you are so far away mate ship big parts is alot