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    FS: nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    hey mate i mean but i think is sold i can check it tomorrow for sure i sold some parts some of them still have it for sale monifold oem throle body oem oem tps no injectors no rail fluel
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    S14 Zenki

    welcome mate this club is drive in rigth hand didint work for you you are in left side rigth ??
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    s15 market value

    thats for sure mate price is going up for good
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    986 Calipers swap

    hey mate the best and easier swap for s chassis is from nissan 350z fair lady 2002-2003 model with gold 4pot calipers with 325mm disk is bolt on
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    2001 Nissan Silvia $13000, is it worth?

    this is true mate i watch on market for skyline in japan 4door skyline past 3 years ago go for 2000-3000euro now is going for 10.000euro this is madness you know after 1023 like you sayed this car cost a small fortune
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    Hi Everyone

    Not looking to do much more, maybe a set of volks hey mate i have a set of volk rays rims 2piece rims vedrry good as they we know about volk rays what rims they are rigth ?? please teake a look on this and tell me what you think
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    is perfect on s15
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    S14a Build Thread

    hey ian i will send youp.m.
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    ok ok i will do thanx
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    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    is still here for sale :):)
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    s14 and s15 Fan shroud the same?

    i have it on my s14 with rb25 motor with no problems ship is not problem
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    s14 and s15 Fan shroud the same?

    hey mate is almost the same i have aftermarket radiator one for sale if you want it
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    Hey guys I’m Frankie, located in HK

    welcome mate looks really clean cool
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    S14 with S15 Engine.

    hey alex give us some pics
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    FS: nissan sr20/sr16 vvl head

    hey to all i have 2 head vvl for sell 1 is from sr20ve 1 is from sr16ve head is complete untouch complete with cams or not i have more crack pulley oil pump and more two complete motors pics on request i can ship it at buyer cost anywhere
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    FS: nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    i have some parts thant i dont need most of them i have it as spare now i want to clear garage space for rb25 r33 series gtst model -radiator rb25 r33 very liltle use no name in great condition -granted hks original japan 100p -sterring colonum rb25 r33 gtst 80p -cams oem rb25 r33 gtst 80p...
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    FS: nissan s13 ecu loon

    hey to all i have loom from sr20det s13 you can use it both red or black version as it along no ecu is just the loom i have as spare is complete nothing is broken asking priece is 150euro plus fee and ship to anywhere some pics below
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    FS: volvo R front rotors

    hey to all i have set front rotors from volvo r is 330x30 is like new very little use i change with some bigger rotos is oem rotors very good quality price is 100e / 90pounds plus fee and ship to anywhere you are pics below