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    Where in Ireland would you recommend full respray

    Sydney NSW, But the car is in Sligo north west of ireland, Silvias making big money in Oz at the moment if you can find one,
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    Where in Ireland would you recommend full respray

    HI All So I had my car fully resprayed some years ago, I was recommend a garage in Limerick, Joes crash repair. Drove from Sligo to Limerick, then was 4 hour drive. Car was resprayed original pearl white, took car home, few months later car blistered all over. Took car back down another 4...
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    WTB: Wanted front bumper, Front wheel shrud & aircon compressor

    Also what is the name of the bumper in this picture??
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    WTB: Wanted front bumper, Front wheel shrud & aircon compressor

    Hi All Looking for front bumper, Front wheel shruds & aircon compressor. I want a front bumper same as the picture, the picture is my car and the bumper has had a lot of work done on it, its fine but would prefer a spotless one. Located in ireland (sligo)
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    WTB: Left side wind visor. or will take pair

    Basically the title says it all, some pr**k snapped off my left visor so if some one had one for sale be great. that or know where i could get a set from. thanks
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    Need to get tyres for my new wheels. think ill be getting 255,40,18 235,40,18 The cheap brand sonny is 150-180 and bridgestone, pirelli etc.. Are running about 230-280 euro Just wondering is this the standard price or do ye good folks know somewhere to get them at a better price. Also...
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    tyre selection, what is the recommended size?

    Ive got a set of -18x8.5/18x9.5 8.5J ET20 and 9.5J ET30 went down to my tyre guy and he was unsure what to put on them, and has rang some dude in head office to find out the correct sizes etc. (waiting on his to get back to me. So just wondering what ye guys wound put on your wheels. I dont...
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    Coilovers, its all a bit new to me.

    Basically in a previous thread I mentioned I bought 18” alloys only to find out my suspension wont take them. So i want to run 18x8.5/18x9.5 8.5J ET20 and 9.5J ET30 With 225 40 but preferable 225 45s tyres cause of irish roads. Long story short im going to buy coilovers and just want...
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    New wheels = tyre trouble, help wanted

    Basically bought myself a set of 18” rota alloys and I don’t know what to do about tyres. Been to my normal tyre guy and a set of 18” 225 30-35 tyres will cost about 250euro. And he wreckons that on irish roads ill be changing them alot. Im debating to put on a set of 18” 225 40s...
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    Should I fit Rota Grid Drift Wheels Black Chrome

    Few questions about these wheels, Been thinking of getting these wheels for a while, now I see driftworks are having a 10% sale this month. Haven’t seen anyone with black chrome on their S15...
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    FS: Free, damaged bonnet

    Have a bonnet if anyone wants it, its not in the best of shape. But a good panel beater might be able to sort it out for ya. Was doing about 30-40mph when the bonnet flew open as the catch failed on me. thats what cause the damage to the bonnet. Had to drill 2 holes in it to put in bonnet pins...
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    NCT and respray

    My nct is up on the car and just have a few questions. I need to put in a catalytic convert so was wondering what other Nissan models have the same type convert that I can stick in. Also I have got the car remapped, and 850 injectors along with a Blitz SBC i-Colour boost controller and...
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    WTB: Z32 afm

    Looking for a Z32 AFM new r second hand dont matter as long as it works and isnt over price. thanks
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    WTB: Standard Bonnet

    Been looking a long time now, but still looking. So if anyone has one r knows where i can get one please let me know..
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    help needed badly,

    hey folks, have posted this once are twice, so sorry for annoying ppl. but thing is i need a bonnet badly, have my car left with stiv to do a bit of work but damaged the bonnet on the way there due to bad roads. stiv has the car for over 2months so i`d say he`s sick of looking at it. ive rang...
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    Front cover Transmission seal

    Hey folks, Looking to get as named above the part number is 32113-89F00 Stiv is doing some work on my car and noticed the gearbox leaking a drop of oil cause of the seal. He has rang the main dealers in Dublin and Nevada, where he gets alot of bits but they have told him 6weeks. So if anyone...
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    Went down to stiv on tuesday to have a bit of work done on my car. And of all the luck about 100yards from his house i hit a bad bump on the road and my bonnet flew open. was only doing 40mph if even cause of the bad road. Anyhow the bonnet bent in an L shape so its ****ed also took my...
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    WTB: Bonnet wanted

    Looking for a pearl white front bonnet if anyone knows where i can get one.
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    WTB: clutch release bearing

    title really says it all, I'm looking for a clutch release bearing. Or if anyone knows a good spot to get one cheers folks.