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    WTB: After market front bumper

    I am looking for an after market front bumper preferably vertex style and black but will consider others if I see a pic and like it. Anyone got anything up for sale?
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    Random Engine Cut Out

    This only started to happen recently. Basically it seems after a random bout of spirited driving when I come to a slow down or a stop the engine will suddenly cut out. It doesn't jerk or anything like when you stall a car. The battery light comes on, and engine light and obvs the steering gets...
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    S15 Headlights

    I have a set of L Package XeNon headlights but I want to change to original black base one. If i bought a non xenon set could i put the xenon mech into the black base one without too much hassle i.e. without dismantling the light casing
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    Driver's side Window motor

    i think my driver's side window motor has packed in. Does anyone know if an S14a motor is the same?
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    Hid Headlights Part Number

    Hey does anyone have the HID Headlights parts number for nissan? for 2002 L package and even the standard black hid ones. Thanks
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    FS: Wanted: HID Headlights

    Hi I'm after some L package silver back HID headlights or even some black back ones. The mounting on my right hand side headlight has snapped :mad:
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    Soon to be owner of S15 Spec S Turboed

    Hi should be getting a Turboed S15 Spec S soon. Trying to sell my EK9 asap. I've always wanted an S15 and is one of my dream cars, finally been able to get around to it. Hope to learn a lot from this forum.