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  1. moomin

    Auto V Manual??

    Hey, as some of you peeps know, im on the hunt for a new S15.... Just found a nice looking one down where i live for a very good price, only thing is, its a auto, as far as im aware there are no differences in performance etc etc between a auto & manual?? is that correct?? If so i may have to go...
  2. moomin

    S15 or Monaro?

    Hey guys & girls! Some of you may remember me from this forum a couple of years ago, i have been poking my head in now & again but dont know who is still on here!? I owned a very nice blue S15, until the missus and I decided to get a mortgage, and it had to be sold, (still the hardest day of my...
  3. moomin

    importing a S15???

    Hey guys, been a while since I was last here, I owned a S15 spec-R about 2 years ago, but, unfortunately had to sell it to raise funds for a mortgage and growing up and stuff.....:( Well, I have been zipping about in a few S13's since then and cant seem to lose the S body bug. I am hoping to be...
  4. moomin

    Goodwood Breakfast Club!!!!!

    Hiya! Went this morning, turned out to be a nice day too!!!! plenty of nice japanese metal on display, noticed a few S15's too! a very nice blue one.....which reminded me of my old one :( a white one with some nismo graphics on the bonnet and a stock light blue 15, which, i have seen before out...
  5. moomin

    wheels go round

    hey guys, do any of you know if there are any companies in the UK that stock those old skool 3 spoke super advan's??? or anyone that could get hold of them? cheers :wave:
  6. moomin

    FS: Stock S15 Exhaust for sale

    Hey guys, found this in my garage!! forgot i still had it! 1x Standard exhaust for S15 spec R. super Mint condition, no cracks or rust, or any signs of cracks or rust. i would be happy to put up a price but im not sure what to value it at, so make me an offer. just to keep it above
  7. moomin

    FS: Moomin's S15 for sale!!!

    *****SOLD***** Moomin's S15 for sale!!! Well, i have had some difficult decisions to make this year and have opted for a complete change of career, unfortunately, it makes it very hard to keep my beloved S15 so, im putting here up for a good home! bought her last year from the excellent guys...
  8. moomin

    Heat Wrap?

    Just fitted my manifold & elbow on the weekend, hurrah!!!!......wasn't a fun job at all, but its done now!. Anybody know where i can get some good (cheap)....did i mention CHEAP??? heat wrap to go round the manifold?? or something more "home" related i could use as a good substitute??? :wave:
  9. moomin

    A bit of ear kandy for you all!!!!

    Hey everyone!!! My new mix is available for download......10 of the best elektro tunes of the year so far. click here to go the the download!!! its free!!!;9613869;/fileinfo.html For more information, up-coming events, free essential...
  10. moomin

    exhaust Q

    Hi guys! Just wondering, i got myself a THS elbow, front pipe & manifold for xmas, aint got round to fitting it yet because its just too god damn cold! but, do i NEED to get myself a de-cat pipe, or can i fit it all on with the standard cat?
  11. moomin

    general maintanence question

    My S15 is coming up to 85,000 miles and im just wondering if there are any unusual checks i should have a look for, i have owned it for a year and it has been completely problem free but, with the mileage getting higher & higher just wanted to see if there is anything i should be doing or...
  12. moomin

    dump valve & re-map questions!!!

    Hi chaps, Will a HKS SSQV for a S14 fit on a S15??? and does anyone know a place in Southampton area where i can get my car re-mapped, just got my exhaust/mani/front pipe/elbow/de-cat through and need to get it sorted in the new year!!!! :wave:
  13. moomin

    JURAN exhaust

    Just out of interest, is JURAN a make of exhaust? :confused:
  14. moomin

    Exhaust Q

    Should be getting my first "proper" piece of kit for my car, hurrah!!! I know this question has been asked before, so please dont shout at me!!! im looking at the Apex s14/a twin exit system (front pipe, decat, rear section & box) will this fit straight on, i seem to remember nicely saying it...
  15. moomin

    what is the best petrol, REALLY?

    Just wondering what petrol you guys use in your S15's? I have always used shell Vpower - or Tesco equivalant when shell is closed!! I heard that i would get better MPG with super unleaded rather than the common stuff. is this just a old wife's tale though?? Most of my pals use the normal stuff -...
  16. moomin

    Moomin's S15

    Moomin's *scrapheap challenge* S15 About time i put my one on here really!! I got my S15 earlier this year, in January from the great guys at Torque GT. I havn't done much to it and dont have "HUGE" plans for it apart from just enjoying it! Unfortunately mortgage & partner come first :D Im...
  17. moomin

    Gauge shopping!!

    Hey guys, memory blank......whats the website of the Gauge chap that has a stand at like....EVERY jap car show!?? cant for the life of me remember what the company's called!! :confused:
  18. moomin

    good exhaust & suspension advice please!

    Hi all, Had my first experience on the track this year, my god HOW amazing was it lol, and at silverstone too, i was very nervous & slow but am looking forward to next year to get on there again and improve! im looking firstly, to get some new suspension, as i found the standard set-up...
  19. moomin

    how much would you pay for a nismo wheel?

    hello, just wondering about selling my alloys, but i have no idea how much to ask for them, they are my nismo bronze 17 inch'ers. "apparantly" they cost 2k as new and they are still in good condition, if you owned these, how much would you ask for them??? cheers they are these ones on my sig...
  20. moomin

    wots the best oil to use???

    had a look in the helpfull threads but couldnt see anything i want to change my oil before my trip to rotorstock tomoz, was just wondering what people recommend??? (its gonna be a halfords shop so non of this nissan performance super duper oil direct from japan!!!!) cheers