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  1. Marcus

    Nismo Carbon Gear knob?? Please help!

    I'm looking for new gear knob and I'm loving this Nismo Carbon one Now I need little help... Those knobs are very high priced as Nismo products always. If you know some place where I can get that knob cheaper, please let me know :) Or if you have one for sale (it can be used aswell), please...
  2. Marcus

    Rocker Arm Stopper installation

    I bought RAS (rocker arm stoppers) from Driftworks and I'm now installing them. I have read several intallation storys with pictures, but I like to know, what I have to cut from valvecover? I have not take look of it, because I have not access to my garage atm. Maybe I see it immediately, but...
  3. Marcus

    Front brake discs... I need answer

    I cleaned and painted my front brakes and I'm now putting those together again. Well I didn't mark which one of my discs are left and right.. So does it matter after all? They are both in good condition. Other one got mark "K1" and other one "K3" on them inner side... Can this help? Thanks!!
  4. Marcus

    FS: S15 ECU and 480cc injectors

    Original S15 Ecu - 150€ All parts are in good condition and fully functional :) Parts are in Finland, but shipping is not a problem. Just ask and I found out costs! Marcus Hydén +358407494638 marcus.hyden @ live
  5. Marcus

    FS: S15 parts for sale!

    Intakebox with new filter - 15€ Fuelpump with new filter - 15€ Brakehoses - 20€ Leather gear lever cover and handbrake coverbag - 15€ All parts are interchangeable to S14/S14a All parts are in good condition and fully functional :) Parts are in Finland, but shipping is not a...
  6. Marcus

    S15 parts compalibility to S14?!

    I thought there is no topic for just this, so here it is. Please ask and tell everybody what parts are fully compalibility to S14/S14a. If this topic come popular, admins can correct my spellings :) I like to know are these next parts compalibility to S14/S14a. 1. S15 original brake hoses 2...
  7. Marcus

    Carbon gear/radio surround & Carbon coilpack cover

    I've been wondering is there any other place, where I can buy carbon radio surround and carbon coipack cover? EPRacing sells those, yes, but I have heard so much bad about them (quality and price) Where have you bought yours? :)
  8. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil, Rudskogen Norway 8-10.7 (Main Event)

    Hi everyone! As you know, summer is coming in speed... So here is a event, that I like to have more S15's from this club :) Gatebil Festival in Rudskogen Norway (Summers MAIN EVENT) It is held at Rudskogen Motorcenter in Norway. (475km from Stockholm) Dates are 8-10.7.2011 so its from friday...
  9. Marcus

    Nissan contest - Vote S15 to victory :)

    I just participate to contest. Contest is all about cars and almost everything that is involving cars. It held by Nissan Finland so I thought to get my own Nissan Silvia to take part of this contest. So now guys, I need little support from you :) Let get S15 to won this thing!! All you have...
  10. Marcus

    WTB: Work Meister S1 3PC -wheels

    I'm looking for a set of WORK Meister S1 3pcs -wheels. They can be new or used, they can even be in bad condition Specs I'm looking for: front - 18x9 rear - 18x10 Please let me know if you are willing to sell me these kind of set! :) (If you have meisters with other specs, please let me know...
  11. Marcus

    WTB: Aero front bumper and Aero rear spats!

    I will buy Aero front bumper and rear spats for S15. I know that these parts are expensive but if you are selling one, please let me know! :) Actually it doesn't matter if bumper or rear spats are "fake", I mean copied. They don't have to be genuine. PM me or send me an email. Thanks! Marcus...
  12. Marcus

    Gatebil Festival in Mantorp, Sweden 2-4.7.2010

    I promised to write a story of our trip to Gatebil. Well here it comes... :nod: First of all, Gatebil is orginally from Norway and it now has one event in Sweden. This year, it was held in Mantorp racetrack and I can tell you, it was f*cking awesome event. We leaved Finland with my mate, who...
  13. Marcus

    Engine warning light blinking?

    When I accelerate on a full gas, engine warning light (yellow one) starts to blinking after 5000rpm. It happens only when the gaspedal is pressed to bottom. If I loosen pedal a bit, its not blinking. What can make this or is it normal? Some kind of warning that you are approaching revlimiter?
  14. Marcus

    Very bad idle! Help!

    My engine is started to idel very bad... :cry: Everytime I start it, revs starts go from 600rpm to 1200rpm again again and again. Everytime I put cluch down when I'm driving it almost stalls and starts to "wave" rpms again! There should not be any boost leaks because I just "pressurised"...
  15. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil Festival 2-4.7.2010

    Hi everyone, I was wondering is any of S15OC clubbers coming to Gatebil Festival in Sweden, Mantorp Racetrack at 2-4 July?? I'm coming with my S15 and lots of others Nissan enthuastics from Finland... :nod: Lots of tiresmoke, burning rubber, beautiful swedish girls and nice cars with great...
  16. Marcus

    Little problem with Dumpvalve!?

    I just installed my new DV (Synapse Sb001) and today I started my car... It is running great until I touch the gas-pedal.. If I even give it just a litte-little-little bit revs, its starting to idle very very bad.. Idle goes up and down, up and down... 1000rpm -> almost stall -> 1000rpm...
  17. Marcus

    Marcus's Silvia S15 Spec-R

    Hi all! I'm quite new here and just wanna start to write my own project thread of my silvia :) Love this forum, because there is so much infos and tips for me and my silvia. First if anyone is intressed, here is my introduction *Chapter 1 -...
  18. Marcus

    Datsun & Nissan owners club - Finland

    Finnish Nissan and Datsun sports car club Most of you don't understand even a one word from this site, but I will post it anyway :D Really good and helpful site for those who can read finnish