1. K

    Why are s15 so expensive?

    As per the title really, i just dont get it! its not like there aren't many in the country, and they can't have been that much when they were new, but the cheapest S15 on pistonheads currently is £8000, for a car that 12 years old now! im not having moan, as i would love too have one, as i...
  2. Jay-pan

    Hello from UK on the look...

    Hi guys, my names Jay and I am from the UK. In need of some advice, just sold my car after 4 hard months and now on the look for something new. So far narrowed it down to a 350z or a nissan Silvia S15. Just want a few details on what I should expect to pay and if there are any for sale at the...
  3. T

    Recent s15 prices

    was just lookin on carzone at the value of our cars these days in ireland, dint think things were that bad, few spec r s15's goin for less than 10k, one for 7 grand looks pretty decent too