1. M

    need advice on wheel specs

    What do you think about this setup? 18x9.5 +22 all around with 255/35/18 or 18x9.5 +22 R 255/35/18 18x9.5 +30 F 225/40/18 I wanted the flush look, with enough concaveness, but no crazy cambers :wack: Thanx for the advice...
  2. TriniGT

    Looking for Pics TE37s on Black S15

    Does anyone have pics of TE37s on a black S15? Looking to see what it can look like. My car is nearing final stages bodywise and need to decide on wheels. I currently have Rota GTR wheels with 18X9.5 +12mm but I am thinking it will be a tight fit .................. very tight so I am looking...
  3. N

    New Wheels Thread Need Help with Tyres?

    Before I get flamed I would like to introduce you to my Wheel and Tyre thread. I have searched through the Ultimate Wheels Fitting Guide and found it very helpful but I am undecided on what tyre sizes to go for? I didn't just do this to get answers and hope you will find this a good read and...
  4. I

    wheel opinions

    Shame I have to wait so long for the Silvia to get here, but in mean time I found good offset wheels in the uK which I fancy. Thinking of going 18x9.5 et 30 all round These are limited edition black chrome Rota Torques. What do you think?
  5. G

    wheel fitment

    Hey Peeps , would these wheels fit an S15 or would the arches need to be rolled?? They are: 18x9.5 et30 5x114.3 with 255x35x18 F1s all round. Rota GTRs Cheers!!! Alex :wave: