1. S

    where to relocate the oil filter

    was wondering where abouts people have relocated there oil filters?
  2. crazymat666

    need to find and clean idle control valve.a lil help plz :)

    my car idles a little funny when warm and instead of taking it 3hours away to get it done on warranty id rather do it myself and learn etc etc. all i need to know is where abouts its too and a few do's and dont's :) and pics would be great help too :) cheers :)
  3. K

    Heater mode selction failed.

    Hi all. Has anyone had the mode selection fail before? When i select it it switches between screen/vents/feet etc, but it does not physically change. I hear a tiny click and that's it. I think the unit is ok as the fan and everything else works. Could someone shed any light? Also, where...