1. adz87kc

    Base timing

    Hi guys, might be a silly question but i let the car warm up just now and connected a cable (ecutalk) to the consult port to check some statistics. Its displaying ignition timing as 15 BTDC but occasionally fluctuates to 13 BTDC. Is this correct? If it needs adjusted could i use the software to...
  2. spoonman

    Trying to diagnose a coilover problem - height wont adjust

    Im in the process of changing my rideheight to suit the cars certification limits for rideheight, which unfortunately means the car needs to go up by 10mm to be legal, i have tein SS and have adjusted the fronts no problems, the rear left adjusted ok but for some reason the rear right does not...
  3. G

    S15 engine dies

    Hey guys. I have a problem with my car. When at idle, if i rev the car it dies/almost dies when i release the gas. What can be the problem? Vaccum leak? I can add that the silicon couplings on the front mount intercooler and intake has hugh dry cracks. I also adjusted the throttle cable like...
  4. Topper

    Track Day at Knockhill, Scotland

    Hi all, I attended a trackday on Saturday with the SXOC as guests of SJC (Scottish Jap Club). Nightmare to start, as some of you know i adjusted the camber on the Thursday night, but made no improvment, so adjsuted it again on the Friday, got up to leave on Saturday morning and the toe was way...