1. M

    need advice on wheel specs

    What do you think about this setup? 18x9.5 +22 all around with 255/35/18 or 18x9.5 +22 R 255/35/18 18x9.5 +30 F 225/40/18 I wanted the flush look, with enough concaveness, but no crazy cambers :wack: Thanx for the advice...
  2. Fasthands

    Suspension set up advice needed..Camber & toe etc..

    Hi folks, I have tried the search but not had any luck, I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on set ups for fast road use. ie, camber and toe settings. Anyone got some tried and tested settings for good grip and control.. Sorry if there is a thread on this I couldn't find any...
  3. C

    Boosting issue - advice needed

    Hi all, Need your advice where posible - driving home tonight took a look up at my boost gauge whilst planting my foot and saw that it was only boosting to .7bar (was mapped to 1.2 and the boost controller is set to 1.3bar) so I hit record on the defi setup and foot to the floor through second...
  4. K

    Ignition timing / Cam timing Advice

    Boys/Girls, IGNITION TIMING Firstly i need advice on ignition timing, i have a spec s from japan. Tomoro i'm buying a timing gun so i can advance the ignition timing but im not sure how much to advance it buy. Irish fuel is 92-93octane(i think) my question is how far can i advance it safley...
  5. S


    ez silvia owners,my first ever s15 and loving it very much... its a non turbo,,,,,,,,so advice on subbtle mods would be appreciated...
  6. D

    Need advice on a top mount setup

    Hi guys, Top mount setups are something I know nothing about. Can someone itemize for me what I'd have to do to my S15 in the way of manifolds, dump pipes, that sort of thing? how does it work? Intercooler piping? What about the ABS unit, will that survive? My car's been in peices for a...
  7. M

    advice on this s15 and trader

    hi there im thinking of going to look at this s15 just wondering has anybody seen this? ive read some bad things about sva imports so would like abit of advice thanks mark
  8. S

    Oh noes! Its the Skribblekid

    Hai Guys, Skribble here :) I should be picking myself up an s15 hopefully within the next four months or so, defiantly before the years out, but I thought I would get in early on the boards here to introduce myself and get to know the community, Im from Hobart Tasmania Australia, will probably...
  9. T

    Any thoguhts on this car and its price Any advice very gratefully accepted :)
  10. C

    Another S15 sold!

    Well, after recieving an unexpected offer I simply couldn't refuse, my S15 is going to a new home at the weekend. I've driven some amazing miles in it last year around europe, and it will certainly be missed. I will be back in the scene soon though. Would just like to say thank you to everyone...
  11. 2

    buying advice and ownership

    hello folks. looking to buying a S15 in 5 or 6 months time. 3k for insurance is steep i know but i love them :smitten: anyhoo i know nothing about them, or any jap cars, and i've only driven one for about 10 minutes but LOVED it. and that was a standard. which is what i like. i've always...
  12. 2

    new here

    hey folks i'm rob. i dont have a S15 yet but might be looking to get one. always been a fan and be looking to blow some of my hard earned money on a nice silvia at some point. i dont know much about them, if anything actually, but would love to get some advice on them. :wave:
  13. Surfing Boris

    Newby needs advice - be gentle

    Okay, So i want to buy my first S15 but i have never had a RWD car or even one with a turbo so this is a great step up and if i love it as much as i think i will i won't ever sell the car. Time to sound a tool :o, I love the noises of the cars in the fast and the furious and before you say...
  14. E

    WTB: WTB APEXi Power FC

    I just want to buy 2 PowerFC, first for my AE86 Turbo that has SR20DET from first gen S14 and second one for my 99 S15. Do you know some safe place (shop) recomended for fast sersponse and repute? Thanks for any advice
  15. P


    Hello to everyone!! :wave: My name is Ewan from Edinburgh! Coming from the world of Honda's im looking to get hold of an s15 in the new year and get a flavour of some Boosted RWD! :D I trust this place will be good for some banter and buying advice etc! Here are some pics of my previous...
  16. D

    Need help fitting gauges

    Anybody know which boost/oil pressure gauges fit in the 3 air vents in the center console in the nissan silvia s15.. Also if anyone has any advice on fitting them it would be much appreciated.. thanks
  17. S

    Hello All

    Hello, my name is James, ive owned an S15 for 3 months and have been a fan of these forums for a while now, the main reason that i have only joined now is that i am after some advice on the value of my car. before i go on, if this thread should be somewhere else, i apologise. Anyway, its a...
  18. S

    Snap Off Wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As above has anyone on here got a snap off steering wheel fitted on their s15, i want to get one and was looking for some advice
  19. moomin

    good exhaust & suspension advice please!

    Hi all, Had my first experience on the track this year, my god HOW amazing was it lol, and at silverstone too, i was very nervous & slow but am looking forward to next year to get on there again and improve! im looking firstly, to get some new suspension, as i found the standard set-up...
  20. N

    Need advice! noise on rear.

    Hi all, When i do a hard Right turn, i notice that my rear undercarridge seems to have some weird noise.cant be the stuff in the boots as it was empty. Anyone here can advice what should i look out for when goin to the garage to check.. Many Thanks