1. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Rear Lights - What you got?

    Fancy doing something different with the rear end - bit bored! After a pair of aftermarket rear lights, pm me what you got! :thumbs:
  2. NICKO

    WTB: S15/S14 Standard fuel pump sock/filter

    Im after a standard fuel pump sock/filter for my S15 as the stupid little tea bag filters the aftermarket pumps come with dont sit low enough for my liking :thumbs:
  3. Jaydej

    Bov on standard intercooler

    Hey guys went to fit the hks ssqv today ran into some problems so left it for now. who is running a aftermarket bov with standard intercooler and piping? Tell me how you did it thanks
  4. Jaydej

    WTB: Aftermarket BOV

    Let me know what you have thanks guys
  5. J

    Rough and Ready Spec S Project

    Had already posted a few pics in the introduction thread so decided i would post some up here. Picked this up in Japan the other morning. Rough and ready but came in on my budget (which was originally for a beater s13) so im happy enough with the outcome. The car itself is being imported...
  6. B

    Pic Request

    Looking for pictures of twin shotgun exhaust pipes on a standard rear bumper. All I can find is aftermarket rear bumpers. Like this but from a higher angle and without spats is possible: Cheers!
  7. John-

    What is this?

    Been doing some rattle hunting today, and found this wound up in my passenger footwell Could it be related to these on my windscreen? They don't seem to go anywhere, could it have been an aftermarket immobiliser or alarm? Any help would be appreciated
  8. driftmonkey

    Aftermarket air filter help

    so i want to fit this, and as you can see there is only one in/out... so the little one here can i do away with that? also what is that solenoid its plugged into? thanks
  9. S

    1999 sr20de

    hi guys and girls, i'm new here and this is my silvia. 1999 white spec s Engine: - aftermarket air filter - fk performance oil catch tank - aftermarket leads - iridium spark plugs - jasma manifold - full stainless exhaust with kakimoto backbox - chrome brake fluid, power steering and fuse box...
  10. D

    Yankee in the Land of the Rising Sun

    Good day everyone, I can't really describe how much I've been learning just reading through posts and seeing all the tips the more experienced members have given, thanks! I'm an American living in Japan currently exporting Japanese cars. Current car: none. The cost of tools and space to work...
  11. adzsy

    FS: S15 Aftermarket rear lights Black backing

    Not sure of type or make but they look quite good with the black backing. £50
  12. Jay-pan

    Fitting aftermarket steering wheel.

    Hello, tried fitting aftermarket steering wheel easy process to do but once I had the new one on and went for a drive it was dead stiff like no power steering and if you turn left or right it would stay there. Any advice on what I have done wrong, put old wheel back on and is fine again.
  13. M

    My first nissan silvia S15 JDM market! :D hope you like

    hey guys! new to the club! live on south coast NSW but in sydney and canberra often, wannna do cruises and track days with you lot names Chris and just thought id show off my new pride and joy let me know what you think! some Mods are Drift BOV (unsure how to make it stop the fluttering...
  14. Jordan


    Been after a set of aftermarket sats for a while now and have always wanted some bride gias low max's. It seems however that not only are they £1500 per seat but there's also lots of hard-to-spot fakes going around also. So with that in mind I'm trying to find some other alternatives of...
  15. Krish

    WTB: Aftermarket bonnet

    As above. Just looking for something different to the stock bonnet
  16. S

    Pearl White 15, Walsall.

    Didn't notice if it was an S or R. Had an aftermarket boot spoiler. Parked on Bentley Lane.
  17. Jay-pan

    WTB: Aftermarket front bumper.

  18. Luke

    WTB: aftermarket injectors

    hi people has anyone got aftermarket injectors for sale
  19. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Turbo Elbow & Downpipe/Frontpipe

    I'm after an Aftermarket Turbo Elbow & Downpipe/Frontpipe to fit, before remapping at the end of the month. must be a good quality make :thumbs:
  20. J0R04N

    WTB: Aftermarket bonnet please :)

    After an aftermarket bonnet. Preferably carbon fibre however would take a frp one. I have a standard bonnet I can swap if needed otherwise cash waiting :)