1. S

    Aus owners check in!

    was lookin to purchase these dark tinted led lights for the s15 but i heard in AUS they defect you for the real dark ones? links below
  2. 7

    bottom end damage...time for a fresh engine

    Spun a bearing on the crank :( Reason posting is to ask if anyone could recommend me some reputable JDM motor import companys servicing AUS? What sort of price range would be reasonable? I'm after another SR20DET -Steve
  3. P

    Hello my fellow S15 onwers =]

    Hello guys and girls just stoping pass to intro myself name is Phuong, im from Melbourne Aus and this is my daily nothing special enjoy
  4. L

    WTB: Black Rear Bar

    after a black s15 rear bar. preferably in good nic. also needs to be in Aus. cheers
  5. A

    FS: Nolathane Coilovers and Cusco Camber Tops

    Complete set of Nolathane S14/S15 Height Adjustable Coilovers, Australian made. Thick shaft, solid bushings, utilising standard tops, great quality coilover, no leaks/knocks, front right requires alot of force to adjust the spring height, otherwise they are all good, open to inspection...
  6. J

    Hi there from Aus!

    Hi All, have heard of this forum for some time now.. been meaning to join up :) well i have an Aus spec 01 s15 in brilliant blue, has minor mods at this stage: - FMIC - 3' turbo back - Apexi suction kit still saving $$$ for the exterior JDM look im after.. and later on down the track a...
  7. G

    D2S HID Globes

    one of my head lights blew the other night have had a hell of a time trying to get some new ones can any one tell me where i might get some in aus, ive looked on ebay but all the D2S's are in hong kong and U.S and No auto shops have the globes or can get them down here dont audi's and most new...
  8. meddler

    Meddler's S15

    Here is my S15. It's a 2001 ADM 'R' spec. It came with the bodykit and sunroof from factory. I believe this is equivalent to a JDM spec 'R' with the aero side skirts, a Nissan Aus spoiler and sunroof fitted in Aus. The car is pretty standard. Mods so far is the FBU upgrade, K & N air...
  9. S

    S1Five's Yellow S15 from Aus

    hey guys been reading this forum for a while now but havent really introduced myself i dont think? :wave: this is my S15 from aus and the mods on it are quite simple or i should say dont have money to mod it :mad: , wish i did though because i love the car so much. im looking to do some track...
  10. C

    Autosalon s15 (aus)

    certainly one of the best s15's ive ever seen - let me know if the pics/links dont work ] enjoy and post your comments...
  11. P

    Tuning factory ECU

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I was wondering if the factory ECU can be programmed/remapped without any interceptors or stuff. I know the Nissan ECU's are generally tamper proof but I'm pretty sure there was a bloke in Aus who had cracked the CA18 ECU. Just wondering if there was...
  12. K

    Hi everybody!

    Hi all just signed up and am checking out the forum. looks good. Im from Aus (melb) and have a pewter s15. cheers