1. G

    WTB: front and rear anti roll bars

    as above. i'm after front and read anti roll bars but also need the U brackets that bolt to the chassis. or if someone just has the U brackets then i can buy some aftermarket bars then that will be good. for some reason my 15 didnt have any on when imported. thanks
  2. D

    WTB: Wanted s15 spec r rear subframe

    As per title wanted a straight s15 spec r rear subframe ideally with additional brace bars but would buy just a frame
  3. sniffy

    WTB: S15 Bumper support bars

    Hi I was looking for the following 2 items in the image below if anyone has them for sale.
  4. D

    FS: S14/S15 front and rear Godspeed anti-roll bars

    As above, pair of anti-roll bars with drop links and bushes. Done about 3000 miles, not bad condition. There was some surface corrosion which I've cleaned and painted so they could go straight on if you're not fussed about the underneath of the car being as shiny as the top :) £120 posted
  5. Surfing Boris

    body kits and roof bars!!

    Hi guys, Need some advice please, I am looking to be an S15 Spec R owner in the very near future and hoping to import a nice red example. I wanted to know how easy it is to buy aftermarket body kits, tail lights and headlights and buying them new. I have seen a lot of wanted threads for...
  6. Mike

    Harnesses. What's the score?

    After buying James Brides for a upcoming project I've spent most of today looking into harnesses and the do's and don't. Those of you that run them, what was your opinion on 4/5/6 point ones? Pro's cons? From what I've read so far the angle for the back straps is the main issue as not to...
  7. J

    roof bars?

    hi, does anyone know where to get roof bars from to fit the s15? or which ones off another car would fit? thanks
  8. K

    My New Spec R

    Bought this on Friday. So far fitted: 18" Ultralite Atecs Tomei ECU Red Dot Vented, drilled discs. Walbro Fuel pump. Tomorrow: Apex Coilovers Rear lights Whilteline anti roll bars Oh and up the boost to 1.1 bar :) Happy days. The car is great. Really turns heads. Pics up tomorrow.
  9. DeanS15

    underbody colour scheme (for the truly anal owner) lol

    i need to get some opinions from you lot, when i have all the chassis parts blasted up over the winter i need to decide on colours, as it costs no more to bling everything up than it does to have it re-done in black.... anyway, i've taken this guys project as the inspiration, but i think its a...
  10. Feast Japan

    FS: Hicas Cancel Bars

    Items in Japan. Shipping is included in the noted price. Exchange value may alter slightly. Item:Feast Auto Original Super Hicas Cancel Bar Application: S13, 180SX, S14, S15, A31, C33, HCR32, HNR32, BNR32, ECR33, BCNR33, ER34, BNR34 Comment: Made from strong steel. New design features...
  11. S

    Some s15 drift questions

    What cluthc is best for drifting? Nismo coppermix or ORC? and witch one of those again, for around 400bhp What kind of spark pluggs is best? Denso iridium ik 24 or ngk? Uppgrade to bigger oilpan? witch one is good? Anti roll bars, whiteline or nismo? where to buy from japan? I know i...
  12. B

    anti-roll bars.

    im looking to get a new set of anti-roll bars and was wondering what ones you think are the best, what ones do you have?
  13. S

    Cusco Adjustable Pillow Ball Tension Rods & Nismo Steering rack bushs

    hihi 1) just wondering if anyone has installed the above parts and can give any comments at all. im looking to improve the turn-in of the s15. already have tower bars on top and anti-roll bars at the bottom but not helping all that much. 2) Cusco Adjustable Pillow Ball Tension Rods: is this...
  14. S

    Cusco VS Nismo Sway/Stabilizer Bars

    Hey Guys, Interested in people's oppinions on Nismo vs Cusco sway bars, which do you think is the better item and why? Thanks in advance! Tomi
  15. C

    WTB: anti roll bar

    I want to find out where i can get some aftermarket anti roll bars?? thanks
  16. sushiming

    Anti Roll bars white ones??

    hey guys I wanna get some anti roll bars but duno which ones are good for the price... I think I remember nicely got the whiteline much do they cost?? do they come with al fittings?? do S14 ones fit? thanks