1. A

    Radio aerial wiring

    Hey guys. Just wondering if someone can help me out with my radio aerial. When I bought the car, the fuse box and battery were mounted in the boot. I relocated both back into the engine bay. I noticed there was a wire coming off the battery terminal going towards the radio aerial harness, and...
  2. A

    Battery light came on.

    the battery light came on while I was driving, I take it this probably means the alternator!? Anyone know a decent place that sells them?
  3. A

    No dash lights, engine cranking but not turning over.

    I bought an S15 with the fuse box and battery relocated to the boot, but didn't want to keep it like that - so I found a car which is exactly the same as mine that had a nose to tail collision, and decided to get the fuse box + loom out of it, so I could put it in my car. I've put it in my car...
  4. A

    S15 battery harness

    Never mind.
  5. chico656

    FS: Parts needed for my written off s15

    I'm desperate need. Does anyone have a coolant bottle, windscreen bottle, and a small battery (i think it's called a varta battery). I also really want an apex performance type 1 FM Intercooler and headlights. Then I'm done and can start on my written off s15!! MASSIVE THANKS IN ADVANCE and...
  6. A

    WTB: positive battery terminal cap

    seem to have lost mine!
  7. S

    Battery Relocation, how to...

    I'm looking for a 'how to' guide to help me relocate my battery to the boot. I've had a look through the useful threads section and can't find anything there. I just need a rough guide so I know which wires need to go where. Also, I could do with some advice on which cables to buy (what guage)...
  8. NICKO

    WTB: battery earth lead

    Im looking for a replacement battery earth lead that goes from battery to the arch then to the intake manifold :nod:
  9. R

    FMIC (boost controller?)

    I've tried reading into this and not finding a lot of information. I've got a FMIC installed and it going in for an MOT/TAX/Insurance soon ready for summer :) Do I need to get a Boost controller with this FMIC? Just wondering what other people have done as I've heard just fitting an FMIC can...
  10. tooley

    FS: Custom Asfab Battery Holder (boot) and a good halfords battery

    Hey, Got to get a dry cell battery to mound in my cabin for this years drifting. So i no longer need this. Looking at £100 for the lot.
  11. Surfing Boris

    Battery relocation

    I think I'm posting in the right section but I wanted to know if there is any sort of how to guide on relocating the battery to the boot and if so how easy is it to do and are there any specific batteries to look at for a more powerful battery, cheers!
  12. A

    starting problems

    Hey a couple weeks ago I had a breakdown caused by art of the wiring loom falling onto my manifold and melting through the clip* since then I've had trouble starting I've sorted the wiring out, replaced the spark plugs coil packs and a new...
  13. shelb

    S15 Spec s - Quarter Life Crisis

    Well ive wanted an S-body since the first time I saw one about 7 years ago, finally got a few years NCD under my belt so I was I finally in the positions to get one and here she is: Current spec -FGK manifold -Blitz Air filter -4pot front brakes -Lowering springs -split Advans -smoked rear...
  14. R

    Extending Positive battery Terminal

    Bought an FMIC recently and a smaller battery, just have noticed the positive terminal from the battery isn't long enough. What's the best way to extend this?
  15. John-

    FS: FREE - Battery!

    The battery that came with my S15 standard fitment. Replaced as thought it was dead. Was actually the starter! Just charged this one and works fine so, free to anyone that wants it. Collection from Royston or Ware. I'll pm the actual address.
  16. fez06

    Battery needs changing but struggling to find one

    iv still not got a battery for my car its dead now needs boosting everytime and wont hold charge. But I cant find an exact raplcement, not in the UK anyway, I know a lot of people run FMIC's so use micra batteries are these batterys smaller as mine wont fit sideways? and how do you route the...
  17. fez06

    car battery recomendations

    Think my batteries fecked its flat everytime I get to it even after a good charge or run, so I'm going to try a new battery. As anyone got any recommendations on batteries, needs to be another small one like the original. Cheers John
  18. dave_t

    Starter Motor Problems

    I went to start her the other day to go shopping in Birmingham, and it slightly struggled to start, as if the battery was a little flat. As i hadn't used it for a while i thought it made sense, and didn't think any more about it, the drive to Birmingham would surely charge her back up nicely...
  19. M

    S15 draining its battery

    Taking the key out the ignition the battery and oil lights stay on as well as the fuel gauge New battery the other day. Checked that the alternater is charging the battery and it is at 14volts so its strong. Yet its still draining the battery when i come to start it in the morning. Having to...
  20. J

    Battery not charging?

    Hi, is there a fuse anywhere for the alternator? Battery doesn't seem to be charging :-(